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A geléia real pode tratar infertilidade?

Você pode ser considerado infértil se tiver sofrido alguns abortos espontâneos ou estiver tendo dificuldades para engravidar. Esta é uma má notícia para casais casados. Primeiro, você deve identificar a causa da infertilidade. Uma dieta adequada é uma maneira de tratar a infertilidade. Aumento da fertilidade Muitos alimentos têm demonstrado aumentar [...]

Breast cancer campaign with woman doctor hold pink  ribbon awareness for survivor. Medical healthcare background concept.

How To Cure Breast Cancer?

If you’re dealing with breast cancer there is important information you want to know but unfortunately nobody will tell you. Breast cancer isn’t only cancer of the breasts, its cancer of the entire body. We do not get breast cancer, we develop it. Breast cancer is slow growing and has […]

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Como curar o câncer de mama?

Muita pesquisa tem sido dedicada ao tratamento do câncer nos últimos 60 anos. Atualmente estão sendo desenvolvidos tratamentos de alta tecnologia que podem aumentar as taxas de sobrevivência e diminuir os horríveis efeitos colaterais da radiação altamente venenosa e dos medicamentos que são os alicerces da maioria dos cânceres médicos [...].

Woman hands giving satin pink ribbon, supporting symbol of breast cancer awareness campaign in October, on light brown paper background with copy space

Is Breast Cancer Preventable?

Allow me to start off by stating that breast cancer isn’t a death sentence . If detected early it can be treated and the patient may enjoy a complete recovery and a lifetime afterwards. In this particular article I will cover prevention, or as near avoidance as you’re going to […]

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How To Prevent Breast Cancer?

Cancer has been among the top illnesses in our present moment. In actuality, in the most recent report from Reuters, patients infected with this disease has increased by 8.2M in the year 2012. Among the leading cancer illnesses that’s been reported is breast cancer. In the U.S. alone, it’s been […]

Bee pollen is filled with honey. This forms a pollen.

Is Royal Jelly A Good Choice?

Royal jelly is widely used and appreciated worldwide. This milky substance, which is similar to honey, is believed to be able to cure or prevent many diseases. However, there is no clinical evidence to support the claims that bee’s milk (royal jel) has all the health benefits people claim. Natural […]