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E quanto aos idosos e companheirismo?

For a lot of people, happiness closely relates to companionship. Scientific research shows that humans are social animals who need other people, often the opposite gender. Such attractions make it possible for individuals to participate in meaningful relationships which produce colors of happiness. Interestingly, the brain is the first organ […]

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Fatos sobre os efeitos milagrosos da música?

Music can be described as an art of sound that conveys feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It can be shown via the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony through different voices and instruments. It’s a means to express one’s atmosphere through different lyrics and instruments. One can’t imagine a life without […]

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Como Capacitar o Cérebro?

All of us know that success does not always come that simple and it requires years of perseverance and hard work for us to achieve it. That having been said, do you realize that training your mind can allow you to unleash its potential and allow you to control your […]

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O Melatonin é o melhor suplemento para o sono?

Chronic insomnia can and will literally drive you mad. In this guide, we’ll look at some natural choices that will assist you regain control of your sleep cycles and offer you a list of well researched, natural insomnia remedies. Stabilizing your blood glucose is vital, particularly in the evening. Good […]

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Qual é a importância do sono?

If you were bitten by the weight training bug, sleep might be the last thing on your mind. You’ve probably devoured all reading materials that instruct you how you can effectively tear down muscle tissues. In actuality, you search for new procedures for this kind of constructive self-torture, do not […]

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O que é Qi Gong?

Hoje em dia, Qigong é freqüentemente chamado de qualquer conjunto de métodos de respiração e de fluxo Qi que são eficazes para melhorar a saúde, prevenir doenças e fortalecer o corpo. Qigong é um exercício rítmico lento para o corpo, para a respiração e para o cérebro. Gong' é a agricultura, o impacto, a realização. Qigong Pode ser interpretado como "cultivo de [...]".