Por que você deve tomar o suplemento CoQ10?

CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, is an essential antioxidant found in every cell of our bodies. It’s also called ubiquinone. It wasn’t found until 1957, and wasn’t available inexpensively until the past ten years. Low CoQ10 levels are associated with many illnesses and health problems. Taking CoQ10 helps with coronary heart troubles, several sorts of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, periodontal problems, diabetes, and several other conditions.


Taking CoQ10 slows down the aging process, builds up the immune system. CoQ10 can’t be obtained from your diet since we synthesize our CoQ10. It’s not found on your food. As we age our serum (it is fat soluble and not found in plasma) and organ levels drop. Our heart rates fall severely starting at age twenty and our mind levels fall badly starting at age forty. This wasn’t as much of an issue fifty years back. Due to poor diet and lifestyle it’s now a significant issue.

So how can CoQ10 relate to all this? It’s necessary for all people over age 40 to take CoQ10 supplements. You have to take 100 mg of Japanese bioengineered CoQ10 per day. If you’re taking it for a significant condition take 200 mg every day for 6 weeks and then reduce your dose to 100mg. It’s very important to take CoQ10 with meals or flax oil as it’s oil soluble, meaning it requires oil to assist with absorption. All”special delivery methods” are scams.

Tenha em mente

Like all supplements you will find frauds to know about when purchasing CoQ10 supplements. Real CoQ10 costs about $800 a kilogram (2.2 pounds) in 2009. There are three distinct kinds of frauds: low dose, cheap Japanese or Chinese item, and ubiquinol. Low doses, like 30 mg provide false”specific delivery systems”. Cheap Korean or Chinese CoQ10 is made of tobacco stems and is unstable. The purchase price may look and sound great, but they deteriorate quickly. CoQ10 is more expensive to produce.

Do not buy inexpensive ubiquinol; purchase real bioengineered ubiquinone. Ubiquinol breaks down quickly as is extremely unstable. There’s absolutely not any way to stabilize it. CoQ10 is a superb supplement for the heart and arteries. Coronary heart disease is THE major cause of death around the world. In 1 study patients which were expected to die from heart failure rebounded with”extraordinary clinical improvement”.

Você sabia?

People with this disorder generally have lower levels of CoQ10 in their blood and heart muscle. CoQ10 has the capacities of lowering your blood pressure with no change in your diet or your exercise regimen. However, with this said, it is always important to keep a good diet and workout for optimal health. Numerous studies have been done that support CoQ10 being good for the heart. In 1 study 65 cardiologists treated 806 patients for heart failure.

Taking CoQ10 may also help you grow slower. It’ll slow down the aging process, which is essentially due to oxidative cell stress. CoQ10 will also help you build up your immune system. This can help increase the white cell count in the blood, which is quite important for immunity.


Additionally, it increases the ability of the macrophages to aid with stronger immunity. CoQ10 also increases your immunoglobin G amounts for stronger immunity. Research has proven that AIDS patients may benefit from the supplementation of CoQ10. As you can tell CoQ10 supplements are extremely powerful. It’s beneficial to the immune system and for numerous health problems. New research is still performed on the benefits of CoQ10. It should be among the most important supplements you choose to get a long and healthful life. Everyone over age 40 can benefit from the supplementation of CoQ10.


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