Qual Vegetação Atrai as Abelhas de Mel?

There is one major species and two subspecies of Honey Bee which are seen in the uk. The European Honey Bee may be the main species, as the Italian Bee and the European Darkish Bee will be the subspecies.

Honey Bees

These generate and store honey and create beeswax. The older female employee bees spend the rest of these lifestyle foraging outside for nectar, drinking water and pollen. They have particularly adapted pollen baskets on the rear legs to get the pollen and a supplementary stomach to transport nectar. In addition they collect sticky plant resin which you can use to help build and maintenance the hive.

They’ll then consider the pollen and nectar back again to the hive. These feminine worker Honey Bees pollinate blooms in the garden, because the pollen sticks to the hairs on the body. This pollen is after that transferred to another flowers it appointments and so forth, so they have become beneficial to gardeners.


Should you have a hive in your backyard, it really is worthy of remembering that Honey Bees may become annoyed or frustrated by noisy garden tools, including lawnmowers. Honey bees remain active during winter, so will require a way to obtain pollen, nectar and drinking water to be accessible, near the hive, through the entire seasons. This must be taken into account whenever choosing plant life to attract Honey Bees.

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  • Allium – There exists a large selection of Allium species. The primary types have pink or purple curved flower heads, although you will get white or yellow types. They vary high, depending on variety and have a tendency to flower in late springtime and summer.
  • Heather – can be an evergreen shrub that requires acid soil. In addition, it needs full sun. It could flower from July to September and arrives in a number of colours.
  • Hawthorn – This may either be considered a shrub or tree. The blossoms are often white or scarlet and appearance between May and July.
  • Dandelions – This is considered a weed. It creates bright yellow flowers in springtime and summer season.
  • Cotoneaster Horizontalis – This shrub is really a semi-evergreen, little bush that matures to 32 inches high. It has white bouquets that appear between Might and June.
  • Asters – Normally referred to as the Michaelmas Daisy blossoms in late summer season and autumn. It will come in a variety of colours and a number of heights. They are an easy task to grow and like getting completely sun.
  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers can be found in a number of heights, according to the variety. They enter into flower between July and August and the seed mind can then be still left on the stalk for bird foods.
  • Hollyhocks – These can mature to eight foot tall, in addition to a variety of colours, once again depending on the variety. They want full sun and will flower from early summertime – June to September.
  • Larkspur – Normally known as Consolida, is really a hardy annual that matures to three foot high. It has spikes of blossoms up the stem, from Might to September, varying from whitened, pink, red, glowing blue to violet.
  • Foxgloves – These can be found in a number of colours, from whitened, purple to pink. It blossoms from July to the finish of August. This is a hardy plant.

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