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Just so that you understand, anything that touches your skin, will absorb in your body, just as anything that you consume will be ingested and digested in your stomach. What happens from there’s determined by what you ate, or what you place on your skin. If you eat Tuna, which may contain plenty of mercury as a result of polluted waters where they live, then mercury, or heavy metal, will leach to your internal organs when ingested.


Once these toxic metals within your body, they can cause a plethora of issues that influence your health and wellbeing: brain function, the threat of birth defects if you’re pregnant, and the health of your body’s immune system, in addition to a host of additional challenges for your well-being. Tuna is simply one well known example of a food which may create a toxic effect on your body. There are many more examples in fruits and vegetables which are doused in pesticides by farmers.

With your skin care, you will find a plethora of toxins that could negatively affect your wellbeing, through the process of absorption, which is to the skin what food is to the inner organs of the body. As you might be aware, there are a multitude of different products which could act as toxins into our body. I will list the ones that you should steer clear of because of their long term and short term effects on your body’s wellness.

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Many of these ingredients are found in numerous skincare and cosmetic products. Without looking at the ingredient list, you’d not have the awareness of the existence. Why? Because the FDA doesn’t regulate the cosmetic and skin care industries. So it’s”Let the Buyer Beware”, which most people don’t recognize; the customer subconsciously wants to be cared for, however, there’s absolutely no 1 almighty power or watchdog group looking out for your best interest.

Instead, it’s up to you. I will share my personal experience so you can better understand why I am so passionate about toxins in skin care. In 2003, I had been advised by our Pharmacist in the local Drugstore to buy the Kid’s Off Spray with DEET for my son, who would be attending Day Camp, where the West Nile Virus was rampant. Reluctantly, I took his advice. I will forever regret it. Having had a response to Lawn Fertilizer and been admitted to the Emergency Room before having my son, I already knew of this highly toxic nature of pesticides.

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But, as people were dying from the West Nile Virus, I was fearful. In June, my son had been in excellent health, at his physical for 7 decades. He began camp on June 15th, and we utilized the Off for 4 months. By July 15th, he had been showing signs of distress: exhausted, and poor apetite. It didn’t appear severe, but then I noticed his behavior changing. No teasing his sister, quietly reading, falling asleep on the stairs, and hardly eating. He didn’t appear to be getting better, but we could not figure it out.

He wasn’t complaining in any way. But by the end of the month, he got a fever. Immediately, I took him to the doctor, and was told that he had allergies and that’s the reason he was having difficulty breathing. I wanted an x-ray for Pneumonia but the doctor said it was not required. I followed my instinct and I instantly went to another doctor for another opinion. Within minutes, we were sent to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Hughie was shortly after diagnosed with Stage IV T Cell Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

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The Oncologist told me had he been confessed that day, he probably would have died in his sleep. And she confirmed that this is a quick growing Cancer which may be caused my an ecological disruption. The effect of the toxins is clear; there’s not any place for them within our bodies! The trick to good health is a powerful immune system. I see people who get every virus that passes by, because of weak immune system, and I also see people that are building their immune system up and they never get ill!

So, I feel that a vital step is to refrain from weakening your immune system with toxic compounds in food and personal care products. If you do so you’re increasing your chances of staying healthy substantially. When your immune system is compromised, then the flood gates open to a plethora of auto-immune diseases and much more. Cancer may be triggered by any illness that weakens your system and then acts as a trigger point for the beginning of these bad cells to profligate. That’s the reason it’s essential to keep the ingredients which can lead to that effect, from our bodies!


So lots of the chronic illnesses that people acquire in midlife are preventable. It’s widely known that chronic fatigue syndrome is triggered by stress, as is Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. However, if your immune system were in tip top shape, you would be not as vulnerable to getting that disease in the first location. So, we will need to take action that will keep our system functioning at its greatest level so that we stay healthy, right? Let’s start by eliminating these ingredients from our regimens. We can implement the ideal botanical remedies to our skin care regimen which will be healthy and really boost our immune system. Sound like a plan? Once you’ve assessed your bathroom cabinets out and reviewed the components, then you might be prepared to hear about how you’ll find the ideal products and where. There are a multitude of new providers available who cater to the new fad. Recognize that you aren’t throwing away things, but really you’re rebuilding your immune system and learning how to treat it like your very best friend.


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