Qual é o ponto de inflexão para quem sofre de enxaqueca?

The date that the calendar was changed from B.C. is the pivot point in the history of the world. A.D. Later, you played a direct part in choosing the location for your first home and your first day of work. As a long-term sufferer of migraines, you have another tipping point in your sights. It is your breakout moment. This moment is when you decide that the status quo is not an option. What could have brought you to this moment?

Tome nota

  • Despair and Resolution: You feel you have reached rock bottom and vow to make it up. Lance Armstrong is the most compelling example, having come back from cancer surgery and returned to cycling preeminence. You may have missed another important event because of a migraine attack.
  • A Sense of Impending Death – You realize that without taking action, a portion of you will die. As you get older, you realize that your time to make an impact on the things you want is ending. My brother-in-law, who was 60 years old, had a triple bypass. He knew that his entire life, including the enjoyment of his grandchildren, was at risk. He followed the doctor’s orders, reshaped his body with exercise and diet, and has enjoyed a remarkable 10 years. Do you want to let opportunities to make a difference on others pass you by?
  • Chronic Pain Response – Perhaps you have lived with headaches for years and are now ready to take control of your life. Even with the best medical treatment, migraine sufferers often limit their activities due to the unpredictable nature of their attacks. Some people may see a light and think, “Why can’t the disease control itself, rather than vice versa?” It’s all about attitude and mindset. People from Thomas Jefferson to Marcia Cross have overcome migraines.
  • A Sense of Destiny: You can clearly see a better future based on your strengths as well as the opportunities that are available. Imagine Barack Obama in the moment he decided to run as President. Can your imagination help you see the possibilities for you, if you can overcome your migraine pain? Are any of these scenarios relevant to you today? Whatever the motivation, once you’ve made your big declaration to change, your strong intentions, and your excitement will drive you to action.

Preparation Starts

you will learn more and see the resources you need to manage the migraines. You will soon realize that you cannot do it all alone. You will need to have support throughout your journey.


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