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Migraines can be a serious problem, especially if you work 9-5 and are unable to afford to be productive at work. There is nothing you can do, as migraines can cause severe headaches that can impact your concentration and mood. Migraine headaches can be recurring headaches that only affect one side of your head. Migraine headaches are more specific than the typical headache, tension headache. They can affect one side of the head, but are more common than the usual headache.

Warning Signs

However, it is difficult to predict when it will happen as migraine headaches don’t have any warning signs. These types of headaches will often occur when you least expect them to. There are several types of migraines that may present with symptoms. One type of migraine is the classic migraine headache. This is where the sufferer may experience a hallucination known as an ‘aura’, which is a visual hallucination that occurs before the actual migraine actually happens.

Auras are visual hallucinations which appear to be lights or zigzagging lines in a person’s vision. The hallucination can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The duration of the hallucinations can vary from one person to another. You may also experience pain around the eyes, temporary blind spots, blurred vision, and discomfort. It does not always happen suddenly.


While the cause of migraine headaches remains a mystery, there are some factors that can trigger them. Migraine headaches are mainly caused by inflammation or constriction in the blood vessels. Some medical conditions, such as infections or lesions, can cause changes in the vessels’ size. You should consult your doctor if you experience migraine headaches that are severe and persistent.

Migraine headaches can also be caused by environmental and other physiological factors. Stress is one factor. Migraine can be caused by over exertion, fatigue, especially in the eye area. You should also consider anxiety and depression. Sinusitis, colds, flu, and influenza are all possible causes of migraine attacks. Diet and food may also play a part. Experts believe that chocolate, coffee, and alcohol abuse may all contribute to the attack. An attack could also be triggered by sensory triggers like too bright lights, noise, and strong odors.


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