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The addition of astrology from the UGC program a couple of years ago had given rise to an extreme one-sided argument from our scientific intelligentsia who appeared to be hell-bent upon stalling the implementation of such a move.

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This movement had been termed as a component of the “saffronisation of education” and equated with the distortions of background inducted by RSS and some of those rationalists were outrageous enough to term the introduction of astrology as a science in the universities as the “Talibanisation of our education system” which is only going to serve to encourage religious fundamentalism and undermine whatever scientific authenticity India has achieved in the worldwide arena up to now.

Leave the argument, what became clearer than ever is these rationalists are more concerned with the official stand over anything that amuses their creativity or to sound a bit more sophisticated doesn’t match their scientific ways. Whether the abovementioned move is politically motivated or not is another matter entirely, what we are concerned with here is the other and the more important aspect concerning the scientific validity of astrology.

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No organized scientific effort was made by our contemporary scientists in order to establish the presence or non-existence of a co-relation between aquatic life as well as the motion of celestial bodies and hence is an entirely virgin field of research so far as modern science is concerned. The routine assumption of this modern day scientist that science has witnessed any actual development just in the past four centuries is due to sheer ignorance and misinformation.

An underestimation of the accomplishments of our ancients in the modern scientist wouldn’t be in place because they don’t have any credibility in this regard. I want to present a simple question, tell me how many scientists that have acquired a great knowledge of Sanskrit and understand how to erect a horoscope to ensure at the base could be in the area for initiating a study to the fundamentals of Indian astrology in the principal level to discover their truth or otherwise.


Says the researcher S. Hughes in the department of Psychiatry at Leicester General Hospital,”Since astrologers always assume a connection between the susceptibility of specific organs to diseases and signs of the zodiac, we ran a simple test to check the positive link between renal diseases as well as the sign of Libra.

We did this by analyzing the arrival dates of patients who were consecutively admitted to the nephrology wards. No significant link was found on analysis thus disproving the traditional astrologers’ claims.” This sort of a research based on the date of arrival of an individual serves to ridicule the concept of systematic study.

When we examine a horoscope to get insight into the nature of diseases that may afflict a person, it’s based on a consideration on a variety of factors such as the strength and weakness of the home, sign and world ruling a specific organ and the degree to which the negative positioning and relationships of planets may damage the indigenous.

To take sign alone into account, like Libra as judgment Kidneys would by any criteria be sheer stupidity. This also, we study with the support of a horoscopic chart cast on the basis of the date, time and place of birth of an individual whereas this scientist possibly didn’t even feel the need to enter some of the details, not throw a horoscope, and proceeded to research the relationship between renal diseases and the Sign Libra with the support of a mere date of arrival which in the most could have supplied him with the Sun-sign and position of planets in its own relation. Another study of 5,469 suicide cases in Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany also provides the thumbs-down to astrology- it discovered link between the dates of births and the suicides.

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In cases like this the smart researcher dispensed with the problem of taking into account astrology itself that was possibly the stated subject of research and instead proceeded to examine the mathematical probability distribution of dates of births of a set of suicide cases that yielded no important clues. The odd thing is that it’s accepted as scientific study among intellectuals, if this is the case, I’d be reasonable then in doubting the credibility of the intellects.

One thing that this prestigious scientist has to be educated by others of his fraternity is that mathematical possibility doesn’t inherently takes into account any geophysical or cosmic variable and hence his statement that”there isn’t any geophysical or cosmic component that connects their dates of births to afterwards suicide” is farcical to say the least.

Incidentally, astrologically on any given date of monthly each year entirely different planetary combinations will obtain, only if a person fails to compute, therefore having similar dates of arrival isn’t of any significance to astrology as such. One argument offered by many rationalists is that if there are distinct kinds of astrology, such as Arabic, Hindu, Persian, Chinese and Western to list some of them it’s sufficient inherent proof to substantiate the fact that astrology isn’t a science but mere charlatanry or at best conjectural hypothesis.

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I would love to answer this question with a counter question that if there are various types of medicine since ancient times to the most modern with a totally different set of variables for diagnosis in addition to treatment of diseases, then can medication also be obtained as no science? If just Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy to list some of the different medication systems widespread, may converge a while they could aspire to become more scientific in the perspective of these scientists.

Taking up the case of a few Indian pseudo-rationalists who compensate for perfect examples of a false thesis born from ignorance might not be out of context at this time. One is a dumb turbaned joker and another is an astrophysicist spearheading the movement of inculcating the spirit of scientific enquiry in the young generation. They can frequently be seen assuming the use of astro-busters by assaulting the superstitions of India with their tall scientific claims in an absurd way.

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The Sikh rationalist quotations doomsday predictions supposed to be made by astrologers to establish that astrology isn’t correct. As an example, he takes up the case of 1962 eight world mix which hogged the limelight for doomsday predictions but no plausible astrologer could be found as the origin of these predictions differently the Sikh wouldn’t have foregone giving his name rather he could only receive the names of these individuals as some “Swami Narsingh Guruji Maharaj” who is quoted as stating that”the earth will be bathed in the blood of a thousand kings.”

Why not the Sikh first asked him are a million sins or a thousand nations available in this day? Another thing he attempts to prove again and again is that astrological information has played a sinister role in bringing downfall of empires and rulers. He cites the case of Hitler as an example and goes on to say that if Germans approached decline from the Second World War they began taking astrological information which only further eased their ignominous fall.

To say but the least, Hitler was a great believer in fate and had a personally appointed astrologer K. E. Krafft, who was able to advice him for decades on significant matters with terrific success but when Hitler was advised against invading Poland in 1939, he sent Krafft in exile and slowly progressed towards his downfall. Numerous cases can be inserted here of astrological forewarnings being discounted at the price of empires and whole dynasties.

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He believes that as some historic personalities such as Nehru and Vivekananda allegedly didn’t believe in astrology we should tow the line but without question. What you’d like to ask is that if Aristotle favoured a geocentric model of the Universe did that stop the revolution of the earth around the Sun? As William Cowper says, “To follow foolish precedents, and wink with both our eyes, is easier than to think.” Still, to meet his’urge for knowledge’ I’d love to inform that Nehru also had”Pt. Suryanarain Vyas” (The Founder of Vikram University, Ujjain) as his personal astrologer.

The Muhurtha of Indian independence was exercised By Pt. Suryanarain Vyas and he had predicted that there will be conflicts between India and Pakistan but India will emerge victorious and Pakistan will further disintegrate over the next 50 years. The results are there for anybody to see. His rational suggestion to finish all this nonsense is that individuals should make a bonfire of the horoscopes and rejoice their recently found rationality, without reflecting for a moment that beliefs and superstitions can exist in thoughts and may only be burnt with the flame of true understanding.


The astrophysicist mentioned before also leaves no stone unturned in his bid to deride astrology. He makes the absurd claim that astrology has been started in Greece since Greeks thought that planets moved at will and hence can make or mar our destinies by being happy or in a bad mood not understanding that astrology originated from the territory of his own source and that the growth of astrology has been preceded by enormous strides in astronomy as is well evidenced by early astronomical texts as “Suryasiddhanta.”

According to him if the standards of science are employed to test if astrology is a science, the answer is a firm’no.’ What were the standards of mathematics applied and what were the principles of astrology analyzed isn’t told asked as people are accustomed to accepting the scientists’ statements as omniscient.

He further claims that in this hi-tech age we can’t manage to keep holding to outdated concepts and therefore it would be quite reasonable to dispense with old superstitions such as astrology. Mr. Scientist is perhaps outside to unveil a few new superstitions that is why he needs older ones to be thrown into the wind. It would appear that the difference between science and fashion is barely perceptible to Mr. Scientist for it is only in the former area that anything is new holds great and mature notions are discarded as trash.

Law of nature

As far as science is concerned, it deals with the laws of nature and any concept is lost by science only when a better one is in place or the concept isn’t found to provide any unfalsifiable results after comprehensive scientific evaluation. The Einstein’s theory of gravity substituted the Newton’s concept of gravity just because it yielded more accurate results but to my knowledge no scientific theory is forwarded by Mr. Scientist or others of his fraternity to replace the’old concept of astrology.’

As far as the other element of infalsifiability is concerned, no results are based until date according to a study of the concept of astrology by scientists based on which any conclusion can be made. To understand what other scientists think let’s consider the following statement that was made by a top British astrophysicist,” Mr. Stephen Hawking”, at a lecture organized in New Delhi when he visited India titled,” Predicting the Future: From astrology to Black holes”.

He said that,”Real reason most scientists do not believe in astrology isn’t the scientific evidence, or lack of it, but because it’ not consistent with our other concepts tested by experimentation.” I encourage Mr. hawking to forecast the future with his group of concepts tested by experiments since in his view we’ve progressed from such a backward strategy as of astrology to predict the future to the more advanced theories of black holes and the origin of the Universe and are possibly better equipped to forecast the future, failing that, he must organize another lecture titled “Predicting the Future: From Black Holes to Astrology.”

Nota final

The simple fact is that the theories Mr. Hawking is speaking about, for example, quantum theory of gravity, don’t study the standard of time as astrology does to forecast the future, although astrology has evolved from astronomy. As far as the question of mutual inconsistency between scientific concepts tested by experimentation and astrological theory there can’t be anything because the latter has not yet been investigated by scientists up to now. They’ve always tried to search for positive or negative results for astrology in practice rather than in theory.

First scientists must conduct research on the theoretical elements of astrology and only pronounce any judgements. As far as the introduction of astrology at the UGC was concerned, we can only say that no or astrology astrology for UGC, it may have no influence on the truth or otherwise of astrology. What I wonder is that why as a parallel to the recently evolved term of”saffronisation of education” that the last approval and change of the title of”Pythagoras theorem” to”Bodhayana theorem” can’t be termed as”saffronisation of math” by these rational individuals maybe unaware of the fact that education or knowledge for that matter can’t be categorized as white, yellow, blue or saffron for it’s no colors but just as wrong or right or untrue and true.

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