Quais são os fatores que contribuem para a saúde humana?

A good look at news headlines around the world throw up some very interesting observations. The underlying theme that joins these stories is the effect they have on human health. In the first case, a bacterial outbreak of the E. coli strain has seriously influenced 38 individuals in 20 US states between December 2015 and May 2016.

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The deadly E. coli can lead to dehydration and bloody diarrhea and the most affected are the elderly, infants and people with weak immune systems. The next headline causes great concern among scientists and investigators since the study showed that almost 80 percent of UK teenagers had inadequate Vitamin D levels even in the peak of summer. What’s even more alarming is the fact that the surveyed children were largely white-skinned; as we understand white skin is most sensitive to sunlight’s ultraviolet B rays and require minimum sunlight exposure to create required amounts of Vitamin D.

The participants were exposed to adequate amounts of sunlight daily and their diet comprised nutritional supplements and Vitamin-D fortified foods such as butter, eggs, cheese, red meat and fatty fish. The next headline is something we read about almost on a daily basis.


Researchers have been analyzing and minutely studying a variety of reports on the connection between’air pollution and hypertension’. Since the 1990s, air pollution levels have been rising all around the world. In the context, it reflects the capacity of people and societies to adapt and deal with situations when confronted with physical, social and psychological challenges. The World Health Organization (WHO) charter in its definition of health describes it as a condition of complete health in all aspects, not only an absence of illness or disease.

However, there are a broad assortment of variables that influence human health that are called’determinants of health’. These determinants, as laid out by WHO, include the economic, physical and social surroundings of a person in addition to their behavior and characteristics. In today’s world, the top causes that influence human health are daily anxiety in physical, psychological and mental contexts.


Good health is the fundamental factor around which our wellbeing and happiness revolve. In the context of countries, it’s also an important aspect that determines economic advancement as healthy populations are more productive and live more. In simple words, fantastic health is directly achieved by us when we follow healthy eating and living habits, are physically active and emotionally secure.


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