Como obter uma beleza e um bem-estar mais duradouros?

Since the New Millenium, we’re entering a new age in hunt for longer lasting beauty and youth. We’ve come to the understanding that a healthy body will substantially prolong youthful look, minimising the demands for life and invasive risking procedures like plastic surgery.

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We’re learning that our body “thinks and responds” and what it reveals outside is the manifestation of what is happening inside. After all, we understand how to maintain our car looking like new by washing and waxing it, running smooth and quickly by changing oil frequently, cleaning filters, so if we understand how to keep our body in its very best condition.

It all begins with care of one of our two main systems: The Lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system has two major functions: the equilibrium of body fluid and resistance. It includes T-cells, B-cells, lymphocytes, antibodies and nutrients throughout the body protecting us from diseases.

Sewage System

It’s also the body’s sewage system, ridding the body of deadly toxins that are released by the cells on a constant basis and carrying proteins and big particular matter from the tissue spaces, neither of which may be removed from the blood flow. As Arthur C. Guyton, Chairman and Professor Dept of Physiology and Biophysics Univ.. The lymphatic system with no pump, in contrast to the blood system, it’s imperative to be certain it is stimulated enough to operate properly.

Exercise, water absorption and wholesome food should do it but not necessarily. If the lymphatic system condition was neglected as a result of erratic lifestyle, anxiety or diseases, it ought to be stimulated in order to enhance the immune system, oxygenate the blood and skin, detoxify the body, repair cells, improve skin appearance, help losing weight and/or decrease cellulite.

Formas naturais

Today we’re embracing the return to natural healthful ways to restore our childhood, making plastic surgery the last hotel with remedies such as: UltraSonic Lipolysis which means”breakdown of fat by ultrasound waves”, Infrared Thermogenic Lipolysis, among the most recent French method for converting fat into energy, the equivalent of a 6 mile-run!


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