Como comer a caminho de uma pessoa saudável?

New diseases, deadly viruses and other communicable microbes are sprouting and developing each second of the day. Although the medical community is trying their best to find cures and remedies for diseases, disorders and other conditions, there are still a variety of ailments which are incurable and hard to deal with.


For normal folks like you, the best way to fight diseases is by taking preventive measures, like keeping a healthy and strong body through exercise and nutritious diet. Another effective way to avoid catching infectious diseases, like colds, would be to bolster your immunity. You can help your immune system to operate at its summit by ensuring you consume the proper amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs everyday.

Lucky for you, Mother Nature has provided the herbs, fruits and vegetables which are rich in health-giving nutrients. Monkeys have always been depicted as banana lovers. The main reason for the monkey’s taste for banana is most likely because of the yellow fruit’s enormous health-giving qualities.

Tomar nota

For starters, bananas are full of vitamins C, B6 and other antioxidants that are important in building immunity against several diseases. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which can be an important element in combating heart disorders and high blood pressure. Lastly they also help alleviate asthma in babies, while helping alleviate constipation in adults owing to its high-fiber content. Asian nations have discovered that the value of bitter melon in fighting off plenty of serious ailments, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Gumarin and Charantin are the chemicals in bitter melon which are proven to help strengthen the body’s immunity against specific diseases. Scientists are also looking into the potential use of bitter melon in assisting find cure for psoriasis, a kind of chronic skin disorder, and the HIV virus. What’s more, this sour but tasty vegetable also has antipyretic, expectorant, de-worming, and purgative properties. It’s a fantastic thing that garlic is a primary ingredient in many dishes all around the world since this bulb is just one powerful grub.

Hipertensão arterial

If you have hypertension, heart problems, blood clots and other cardiac ailments, you need to consume several cloves of garlic daily since it contains allicin, which can be effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Garlic also contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and even antiviral properties. Aside from adding spice in life, peppers can also be vital in building up your immunity from various illnesses due to its high antioxidants and vitamin C content.

Peppers also contain capsaicin that assists in treating pulmonary difficulties, particularly the ones that are linked to smoking. We ought to create an ode to the bees for their terrific gift of honey. This sweet but healthy cure has been used for centuries to heal wounds due to its antiseptic qualities. Honey is also important in fighting bacterial disease. Aside from giving honey is also helpful in strengthening your immune system, preventing specific kinds of cancer, aiding digestion, and lowering levels of bad cholesterol.

Você sabia?

Tomato sauce makers are advertising the cancer-fighting advantages of ingesting tomato-based dishes. This red and succulent delight comprises lycopene, vitamins K, A and C, and antioxidants which are known to strengthen the immune system and also fight aging. However you eat tomatoes – diced, sliced, cooked, or raw – you’re still certain to reap its health-giving advantages. It’s strongly recommended that you consume about five to nine servings of fruits and veggies everyday, you may also benefit from the health benefits of these abovementioned foods by taking nutritional supplements. You’ll find a great deal of products online that contain the nutrients supplied by the majority of these energy herbs, vegetables and fruits. One supplement that’s full of Vitamin C, zinc and other immune-boosting ingredients is Immunitril.


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