O Brain-Study Move a Cura em Novas Direções?

Brain-study, and its effect on health, is now an intriguing venture as the emotional age of the last century combines forces with the information age of today. With the assistance of technology, advice on mind-study has proliferated, piling up reams of information in favor of a mind/body connection.

Brain’s Power

Admittedly, interpretations of these information are multifarious and menacing in regards to its effect on health. Controversial vagueness encompasses brain’s power to heal the body. However, the collective human consciousness is transitioning to an endorsement of a connection between thoughts and well-being. Mind and health are being redefined to accommodate the new awareness. Mind activity was observed for centuries.

Commonly, the topic of mind involves the study of functions not always visible to the bodily sensations, such as mindfulness, awareness, intellect, reasoning, and other psychological capabilities. However, technology has enabled mainstream science to offer proof that biology and culture are synergistic. Therefore, the topic of mind today also includes the study of functions obvious to the bodily sensations, such as nervous systems, physiological responses, mirror neurons, and microtubules.

Mind-healing methods

For instance, brain-imaging data, such as fMRI readings, has been translated to verify an unbreakable connection between the human mind and body, which in turn has led to the concept that brain can be reduced to chemical and electrical brain activity. Unsurprisingly, mind-healing methods, in the context of a reducible mind, are also reducible, or diminished, by the ever-changing menagerie of brains on earth.

Beside the fact that a normal chemical and electrical brain activity won’t be found, there’s also the detail which reducible mind-healing techniques are short lived, occasionally dying before the mind, or vice versa. Taking an about turn, mind-study information can also be translated to hype the longstanding concept of Cartesian dualism, signaling a clear distinction between body and mind, but with a mind capable of evolving into more control over the body and its health.

However, the concept of a human mind as a way to control a body, or bodies, is disquieting. Not only are mind-healing methods as developed, or undeveloped, as the individual minds involved, but the dualistic concept also leaves the door wide-open into manipulation, a reduction of self-control. An intriguing side-note into the dualistic theory is the usual presumption that mind is irreducible.

Rethinking mind-study

Granted, a mind separate from the body is plausible, but if the mind has been reduced to a human character, it’s reducible. These analyses should not say the popular mind-study theories are incorrect; this isn’t a point. Theories are falsifiable and will continue to be modified as new information and discoveries emerge. Human knowledge is evolving and will adapt to less restrictive mind-healing methods as the classical worldview of the mind and wellness adjusts to a paradigm shift away from incomplete knowledge.

Basically, in rethinking mind-study, and its effect on health, it’s crucial to comprehend the significance of abstract interpretation. As an example, reducing mind to the mind, or even to quantum physics, is as unconvincing as lowering rhythm into an exquisite piano player. An exquisite piano player represents rhythm, but the piano player is not necessary for rhythm’s presence. Likewise, the individual mind/body or even a human being (character) is not essential for the presence of mind.


Pushing the fact farther, human beings aren’t even necessary for signs of recovery. Mindful-healing is. Although the presence of an infinite Mind, requiring the manifestation of health, runs counterintuitive to the widespread interpretation that health is a state of matter, it posits a foundation that could unite theorists, researches, and lay-people alike, can cancel disagreements, and settle the question.

Is body and mind connected? Yes, once the mind being classified is the human mind, its interconnectedness is that the mind is one and the same as the body it embodies. Evidence showsthat as the human mind improves, the body improves also. But not always. Because evidence also has it that humankind is meandering through a complicated, convoluted, tangled network of mutating and transient experiences and connections. Therefore, the question is asked.

Is body and mind connected? No, once the mind being recognized is the infinite Mind. The human anatomy, as we understand it now, isn’t even a solution or manifestation of infinite Mind. So, where does this leave the human anatomy? Exactly, where it’s found, evolving from itself. The human mind/body must enhance, but not because it eventually evolves into infinite Mind, or a manifestation of divine Mind. That will not happen. The improvement, not the individual anatomy, is the fact of our presence.

Expanded consciousness symbolizes Mind and wellbeing. This simple fact, or conceptual interpretation may influence the human situation. As an example, after a terrible accident, I had second degree burns on half of my face. I didn’t tap into limited human mind so as to repair my body. There was no skin or brain manipulation. I didn’t even need pain relievers. The humanist nurses washed gravel from their burnt skin as softly as physically possible. My admiration was my experience. New skin began growing within two days and over three weeks, my face was totally ordinary, not a scar.

Human Mind vs Infinite Mind

The human mind, embodying damaged skin, pushed itself to non-existence, while infinite Mind and wellness remained undamaged. Mind-study, and its effects on recovery, is effective as the human mind acknowledges that its only importance is to comprehend divine Mind and its effect on health. Undoubtedly, a Mind beyond the human mind isn’t easy to perceive. But then we do not comprehend the fact that earth is revolving around the sun at a speed of sixty-seven million mph.

Mind-study, not the analysis of human mind, but of infinite Mind, provides a promising countercosmology into the individual centered universe. The perspective of divine Mind, and its effect on health, expects an experience void of restricted, limited, morphing, re-wiring, disintegrating, quantifiable minds/bodies, categorized as healthy, ill, individual, animal, or quanta.

Mind-healing techniques no longer endure the effects of manipulation or dualistic battle, but are practiced on the basis of infinite Mind and its healthful manifestation.

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