Você conhece as notícias sobre a gripe aviária?

Well, it’s flu season again. Super flu that’s expected to wreck havoc across our territory from the not so distant months. So what’s avian flu? Avian influenza is bird flu. Yes, you read that right,”Avian influenza is bird flu.” And why would that be such bad news? If you pursue the news much, you may read the deadliest disease in background is widely considered the Spanish Flu outbreak which killed 40 million people in only months.

Viral infections

Scientists now think that the outbreak was an avian flu pandemic. To put it differently, the virus originated from birds – it is believed – and a virus very similar to this one -known as the”H5N1″ (a kind of avian flu virus). Its origins? Most scientists agree that it originated in Asia, as this particular one. Flu comes each season. It comes in one of two kinds, Type A or Type B flu. Type A is the more potent of such flu, and avian influenza is Type A.

These strains kill. The current avian flu bug is infecting and spreading throughout the poultry industry in Asia. Why so frequently in Asia? The stench from these farms, particularly those throughout Asia, can be discovered a mile off. Those farms are packed with animals that are weak with endangered, weakened, immune systems.

Sistema imunológico

Let both of these phrases sink together: avian influenza and weakened immune systems. Whether we’re dealing with the aftermath of the dreadful conditions and weakened immune systems of millions who survived World War I or the dreadful conditions of European and Asian poultry farms and their countless animals with weakened immune systems, the trick to this possible outbreak is”weakened immune systems and avian flu”.

Due to the rapid spread and extremely dangerous nature of the avian flu to birds, millions of flocks have been destroyed through the affected countries. However, that’s just not working because migratory birds are carrying the avian flu to distant lands, thus spreading its contagion. Interestingly, the migratory birds aren’t dying just like the chickens.

Por quê?

Because their immune systems are much more powerful, we’re told by scientists. Let that one sink in too: avian flu isn’t killing those animals so easily which have strong immune systems. Could be we’ve got something here. Incidentally, there were just about a hundred deaths from avian influenza worldwide. It’s extremely difficult for avian flu to make the transition from bird to human easily. Needless to say, as soon as there’s the slightest threat -avian influenza or otherwise -our government jumps into high gear to infect each one of us, if possible, using its antiviral drug program contrary to the slightest sign of avian influenza.

There’s absolutely not any evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The manufacturers of these vaccines know that they’re useless, but they go on selling them anyway. I wonder if this will apply to the alleged avian flu “antidote”. Note: The past few decades have seen a dramatic change in deaths from seasonal influenza (a few of which can be avian flu).


Researchers now know the rise in the population doesn’t account for the doubling of the seasonal average death toll from flu (avian influenza or otherwise). Less than 20,000 were dying annually for decades. But, since the dawn of the flu shot, averages of over 40,000 people per year have been dying. One suggestion is a combination of two factors: the continuing impairment of the immune system of the typical American as seen by the multitude of epidemic diseases among us (not present in considerable quantities in prior decades). Yes, yes. They can kill.

As surely as the avian flu can kill. Why is that? Let’s see. Aluminum, the exact metal associated with Alzheimer’s disease, cancers of numerous forms and traumatic seizures. Ethylene Glycol: You will surely want this fluid this winter, but please just use it anti-freeze for your vehicle, as it was developed to be used initially. Vaccines for use in avian influenza are grown on virus strains developed from pus-laden animal tissue combined with the above cited deadly compounds.

Nota final

Glyconutrition is successful – presumably against avian influenza too – and has no side effects. It’s a food material, known to be vital for human survival. There are no less than four Nobel Prizes to substantiate the existence and human demand for glyconutrition. There’s plenty of evidence demonstrating its effectiveness against all types of disease, including influenza. It does not attack the influenza straight. Quite a list of killers therefore murdered.

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