Os antibióticos ajudam contra o bacne?

Doctors and dermatologists are under so much stress to proscribe antibiotics from the drug companies and manufactures they frequently don’t hesitate in administering those products which might be doing more harm than good. Doctors aren’t paid to indicate ‘holistic’ or other techniques of treatment.

Bacne treatment

They proscribe ‘cure all’ medications which don’t examine the cause of the issue but rather mask it. If drug companies provided a complete 1 stop cure they’d be out of business in a year that would not be good for their pocket! Dermatologists and physicians proscribe antibiotics and they might work for a brief period at the beginning of the treatment but then after some time the acne (bacne/facial/body) begins to return and strong.

Many individuals have experienced the exact same thing again and again over several years. After taking a look at all treatment choices and listening to their doctors advise frequently at a high price and have no improvement in their symptoms. The physicians win as they get paid, the drug companies win and they get paid for a protracted period of time as you try various products. This is at a price to the patent, their wallet and it has a psychological cost as they bear the humiliation of their bacne or some other kind of acne.


The effect antibiotics have on the body over a sustained time period isn’t good. It’s not natural to pump chemicals into your system for many years at a time. We’re all mammals and the body was created to have the ability to cure itself and just with the change in lifestyle and diet have degenerative diseases plagued humanity.

This is revealed because animals in the wild do not predominately suffer from such ailments that have become more rampant lately. By looking just a little outside the box there’s another way. For the ones which aren’t effected by over anxiety, hormones or genetics the response is inside us. Diet does play such a very important part of our lives weather we acknowledge it or not. It’s logical to consider about understanding that what we consume sets us up with the energy we need and the nutrition to maintain and maintain a strong immune system which if we binge on fatty and poorly digestible foods that we’ll likely have digestive issues.


After consuming a great deal of alcohol, the following day we do not feel great, this reveals how our body often struggles with what’s put in. The results are feeling lethargic, sick, sweating and having fatty hair or skin. If these are the effects of alcohol we should assume that other foods can do the exact same to us. Grease or oil on the skin is your bodies way of trying to get rid of everything it is fighting to digest. When the pours are obstructed and the immune system is weak and run down bacteria is permitted to grow and acne is formed.


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