Como viajar com alergias alimentares?

Nuts, Thankfully many allergic sensitivities in children diminish or disappear because they get older completely. Once we age however, err privately of caution and just say no to those juicy farm-fresh strawberries your guide is enthusiastically recommending you take only a taste of. 3) Usually do not depend on the airlines to get a dietary meal for you personally (while you could have ordered one – it could never materialize.

O que fazer?

Wipe down the tray seat and table arms having an alcohol towelette, in the event the passenger before you was snacking on a food you are allergic to (peanuts for example). Not merely will they be considered a great way to obtain food choices, also remember concerning the health food parts of local supermarkets. However, you might have the ability to verify the ingredients of a specific dish, you cannot guarantee that another diner have not swapped serving utensils with another dish containing ingredients you’re allergic to.

Or if you must stay static in a hotel, They could not have the ability to accommodate you, but it will probably be worth requesting them. In case you are going to a foreign country, Or perhaps a card could be had by you customized expressing your unique situation. When eating out, he’ll arrived at your table to go over what dishes are safe so that you can order.

Insist that the card be studied by the waiter to the chef, not read it himself just. These laminated cards could be mailed for you, or in a few full cases could be downloaded to your desktop and laminated later by you. For all those with food dietary or allergies restrictions, this is actually the card you must never set off without truly!


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