Como encontrar os melhores tratamentos para o acne?

There isn’t any lack of simple to locate, reasonably priced acne treatments available on an over the counter basis. While some are but unsuccessful in treating acne, others are thought to be essential elements in any successful program to reduce acne. And, of course, the best remedy for acne is to prevent it from taking root.

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To assist you in your search to understand how to eliminate acne, we’ve listed below four easy steps you may take to make certain you’re using the best over the counter acne remedies and prevent acne before it becomes a significant issue. First of all, be certain that you’re effectively keeping your skin clean. While lots of individuals feel that this involves frequent scrubbing in an effort to cleanse the numerous layers of the skin, the reality is that the majority of evidence suggests that such scrubbing has little effects.

Acne’s growth originates beneath the skin, so surface cleansing can only do so much. Additionally, the thought that acne is caused by skin which hasn’t been properly cleaned is simply incorrect. In actuality, excessive skin washing may lead to irritations which actually increase the amount of blemishes that wind up being infected – with the end result being the most pimples you’d attempted to avoid in the first place! Because of this danger, the goal must be to wash your face gently, using only acne soaps and quite gentle cleaners such as Neutrogena or Cetaphil.


Second, don’t forget to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin that could wind up clogging your pores. Regular exfoliation using a gentle cleansing agent can help to eliminate toxins and other thing that could result in the production of acne while also leading to generally healthier skin. Third, be certain to keep your skin clean.

One of the most significant contributors to clogged pores would be that the oil found in many skin and cosmetic products. Even a few of the lotions and creams that purport to handle acne contain oil which may have a negative influence on your pores. Using lotions lotions, sunscreens, and blushes which are free of petroleum are important elements of good skin care. An important aspect in learning how to eliminate acne is using the custom of analyzing the ingredient list of any product that you purchase for your skin.

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The operative word is non-comedogenic, which is a statement that the product is intended to prevent any clogging of the pores. Look for moisturizers like Complex 15 that contain no petroleum but nevertheless help out with helping your skin to stay moist and healthy. Additionally it is a good idea to prevent gels and lotions for your own hair, as most contain ingredients which may adversely affect skin health.

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Fourth, and lastly, make certain to incorporate benzoyl peroxide products in your skin care regimen. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the very best acne treatments since it helps destroy the bacteria that often contributes to acne eruptions, and also aids in the overall healing process for skin suffering from pimples and acne blemishes. You will find it in a number of the most common over the counter medications for acne.

You should start your use of benzoyl peroxide by applying a moisturizer containing five percent of this chemical. Use it before bedtime every night, when you’ve washed your face. You can boost your use to twice daily in case you have not seen results in the first week, and increase the percent to ten per cent if the acne persists beyond a month. Though benzoyl peroxide is one of the simpler acne remedies to acquire over the counter, it’s still advisable to speak to your doctor or dermatologist about using it before beginning treatment. For those who have any questions about which products contain authentic benzoyl peroxide and which products are available over the counter, ask your pharmacist.


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