Como controlar sua asma?

If you suffer from asthma, among the very best things you can do is clean the air of causes. An air purifier that’s designed to remove both particles and gases is greatest. And here are the top five pollutants to eliminate for improved air quality and quality of life.

Household Dust

The bane of man’s presence since moving from outside into caves, it’s usually made from everything except the kitchen sink. It can consist of tiny pieces of paper from mail and magazines, pieces of cloth from clothing and upholstery, and dust and dirt from outside. These particles generally fall upon the floor and furniture and are shipped airborne with regular movements throughout your dwelling. They frequently propelled through the air whenever the heating and cooling units cycle making them available for you to inhale.

Mold and Mildew Spores

Estes esporos são apenas um simples fato da vida e não podem ser impedidos de entrar em sua residência. Portas, janelas e garagens dão acesso simples a estes esporos. E, a menos que eles encontrem umidade, geralmente são inofensivos, a menos que a asma seja desencadeada por eles.

Pet Dander

Se você é um amante de animais de estimação, ter um animal de estimação provavelmente não é um assunto para você. Mas seu corpo pode responder às proteínas do útero de um modo que literalmente o deixará doente. O pêlo é um subproduto puro de cada animal de sangue quente, e é algo que vai estar por perto enquanto você tiver seu animal de estimação. No entanto, se você cortar os níveis na atmosfera, você pode ter seu amigo peludo e uma saúde decente também. Filtrar o ar com um purificador de ar de alta eficácia (ou HEPA) é um meio poderoso para reduzir drasticamente a quantidade em seu ar.

Pollens sazonais

Except for a very few months of this year, there’s usually always something blooming. And where there are blossoms there’s pollen. Whether its trees in the spring, grass in the summer, or weeds in the fall, pollen is a remarkably potent allergen. There’s absolutely no way to stop it from riding in on your coattails, or in your hair, on packages, on your pet’s hair, or simply blowing in through the doorway. Continually filtering the air is a wonderful and consistent solution to the problem.

Poluentes Gasosos

Smoke from a fireplace, wood stove, or tobacco product can cause massive problems for asthmatics. And you can see smoke and be forewarned. Other gases and odors are more subtle and are more difficult to detect. Chemical fumes from household and cleaning goods, in addition to fragrances from private products can wreak havoc. And family products which off-gas such as carpeting, pressed wood furniture, adhesives, varnish, and paint can be the beginning of a significant attack. Using a purifier that can keep the air quality is one of the asthma management strategies recommended by doctors. And removing pollutants continuously until they have an opportunity to build to levels that could trigger an attack can manage both physical relaxation and reassurance.


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