Posso desintoxicar meu baço com Feng Shui?

In Western literature the spleen has ever been denigrated and in medication mostly ignored. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Feng Shui revere the spleen as the official responsible for boosting the immune system. Together with its partner, the stomach, the spleen resonates with the earth element.

Vamos começar

It’s the largest lymphatic organ, and in the position in the center it regulates distribution and transport throughout the system. As a set, the spleen and the stomach are a heart for physiological functions and energy flow. This central location is important in feng shui and the design of your space. The center, also called the Tai Ji or “Grand Ultimate” is the hub around which all other actions radiate.

In cross-dynamic patterns of the bagua where feng shui joins and joins pairs of guas in support of one another, the pathways lead through the middle hub. The stomach is vital for nutritional input and output that is then filtered by the spleen for purified essentials and essences. This nature of life, made manifest in energy levels, is the sheng qi most of us rely on for well-being and decent health.

Let’s understad it

The middle of our space that’s the health gua in feng shui has to be continuously monitored and refreshed. This important sector is attributed to the ground element, but ground permeates other regions of the bagua as well relating to feng shui principles in more than 1 sector. The relationship corner that is the trigram of the female or mother principle, is a ground gua, as is the wisdom and knowledge area, endemic to the mountain trigram.

Earth along with its many other duties also governs transitions. Late summer or Indian summer is ground, when character reaches fruition in time for harvest. Some TCM practices identify the last ten days of every season with the earth element for a transition period. Earth is the element of equilibrium and stability, therefore, if our component profile is nicely balanced, we should feel centered and grounded.

Earth element

Earth is the element of containment. The gut is the container which receives nourishment and holds it through the first digestive procedure. The spleen holds purified blood cells and platelets. Earth is the plateau where we create our lifestyle. All horizontal tops and surfaces are earth, and any type of container, i.e. bowls, vases, chests and cabinets serve to get gifts from mother earth. In symbolic feng shui we replicate natural phenomena with auspicious items, colours and shapes to reinforce our aims. If we respect these aspects in our area, we have to understand that earth abhors clutter and filled closets.

Tomar nota

Excess and overabundance creates a ground dilemma that will make us feel stuck and stagnant. Earth enjoys check lists and favors regular and regularity. The spleen needs concentration and attention.

  • First and foremost, let us go on a space-clearing crusade. Eliminate unnecessary clutter and debris.
  • Once you’ve cleaned containers and surfaces, and pulled out of drawers and cabinets, you might begin with creating “beauty.” Anything that’s pleasing and gratifying to your perception could be considered beautiful. As an appealing focal point, it’s most likely auspicious to your spleen.
  • Mark the center with a particular object that brings your gaze. This might be a chandelier, a cellphone, a crystal, a particular rug or exceptional piece of furniture.
  • Identify the health sector by putting the bagua in your floor plan.
  • Create feng shui improvements within the health area. This can be done with items, colours and shapes.
  • Yellow is a delightfully uplifting earth color, and a bouquet of yellow flowers, sunflowers or mums, will provide you the needed boost.
  • Enjoy the time of harvest and tonify with meals in the world colours. Earth foods are closely layered around themselves or densely packed.
  • The spleen prefers room temperature drinks and may be broken with artificial and concentrated sweeteners.
  • Heavy, horizontal and low pieces of furniture are anchors and keep you grounded and bound to your area. In case you would like to move, think about removing them within your relocating strategy.

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