As pessoas ocupadas podem praticar a Cura Energética?

In today’s society of working mothers, hectic schedules and endless responsibilities, it is no wonder people of all races, nationalities and walks of life are seeking ways to get energy recovery for their minds, spirits and bodies in ways that will fit into their hectic schedules.

Cura energética

Energy Healing Sessions performed in a distant fashion offer another extra benefit that lots of individuals tend to overlook. And that’s the fact that when you’re ill or consciously present while recovery is happening, the physical mind has a propensity to concentrate on all of the things going wrong that need recovery, or maybe they’re nervous or afraid. All of which are reduced frequency vibrations which make receiving healing much harder and in some instances downright impossible.

During distant healing sessions, the practitioner is communication with you Spirit: Higher Self to Higher Self. Which is to say that the professional is helping you to help yourself without you getting in the way! You see, the conscious mind is a powerful creator, in addition to a excellent saboteur of manifesting your needs based on just where you decide to spend time focusing that beautiful mind of yours.

Importância dos pensamentos

Cada uma de suas idéias cria e depois se manifesta aqui no físico. Portanto, quanto mais você falar, compartilhar e lamentar sobre todas as coisas que não gosta na Terra, na sua vida ou no seu escritório, mais você será capaz de experimentar exatamente isso, porque cada vez que você se concentrar nisso e lhe proporcionar emoção, boa ou ruim, ela será criada uma e outra vez até que você mude as idéias que você se permite entreter. Que sentimentos você decide sentir, e que crenças você escolhe viver e carregar.

Energy Healing can help you in lots of ways, from remembering how to heal yourself and get better advice, to helping you clean your energy body of old fears, beliefs and programs that keep you from manifesting your desires and live a joyous healthier life. You are able to heal yourself, to communicate openly with your Higher self, your Angels, Guides and Mother/Father God and to get guidance that’s for your highest good! You only need to remember how.

Cura Remota de Energia

For in truth, you’ve always been able to do these things and more, for you are a multidimensional being of Pure Divine Light and have access to each of the Energy Healing you want if you dare to appear within your heart and follow the advice within you to recall your truth. The fantastic thing is that you do not need to take care of low energy levels, ill health and negative energy inside your body because of busy schedule. Remote Energy Healing is a powerfully effective and convenient way to get all of the assistance you’re guided to get for a happier, healthier more beautiful you in a means that is excellent for you and your needs.

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