Como realizar a auto-hipnose?

To put simply, self hypnosis can be likened to taking a trip down the path to your subconscious. Just as you would prepare for any holiday or street trip-by assessing the weather, the vehicle and your requirements – it also helps if you take the time to check into what to expect and what to do before embarking on this trip.

Self Hypnosis Preparation

A normal how-to on self hypnosis can instruct you to enter a quiet area and make sure that there would not be any disturbance or sound for a particular period of time. You’re then told to shut your eyes, focus on your breathing and operate to be able to allow your body to relax, and your mind to clear up.

In this portion of the self hypnosis journey, you’re expected to allow the body know that it is not likely to perform any activity. The mind is so intertwined with your own body that if your body is doing something different, the mind will rush in to control it. Note that the concept of self hypnosis is to concentrate on entering your subconscious mind. You won’t be able to get there if your mind is busy taking care of other business.

Also, conditioning your brain in a positive manner would assist your body follow suit. If you’re so stressed out and continue thinking about that-your body won’t be going to the contrary way: it will continue to become stiff, and the objective of entering self hypnosis could be defeated. The next step would let you imagine something which symbolizes you being carried off or moving somewhere. This could involve a car or anything your mind can come up. You would then have to imagine a sort of calm scenery like a field of flowers, a beach with calm waters or watching the sunset.

Importance of Positive Thoughts

If you were intending to instill positive messages to your subconscious, this could be the opportunity to do so. It’s almost imperative that you simply think of positive messages rather than clutter your mind with negative ones. It was said that creativity can supersede what you might perceive as facts. If you believe about it, why else would someone have a fear of flying when the facts say it is the safest mode of travel? In exactly the same vein, it’s imperative that you don’t entertain negative thoughts because they would then be fed into your subconscious and would subsequently influence you.

The subconscious mind regulates how your body responds in scenarios, dictates your thought process in making decisions, and stores all of your memories. This is the sticky part of self hypnosis. If it’s used as a mode of recovery and you’re not completely aware of the dangers of the negative thoughts entering your mind, doing self hypnosis might not be perfect for you. In actuality, it may expose you to greater danger than ever before.

Do it first only for comfort

To avoid this dilemma, it may be better to do self hypnosis solely for comfort first, and also to only venture deeply to its possible use for healing later once you’ve become more familiar with the procedure. The ideas you plant to your subconscious tend to guide your behavior and actions. The final part of your journey will then be a procedure of you moving back to reality. This may involve counting or another sort of imagination.

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