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Existe apoio da IBS dentro do meu alcance?

IBS treatment can be provided in your own home. You don’t need to seek professional advice or use a lot of chemical-based medicines. To get IBS relief, all you need to do is scan your pantry and review what you eat. You need to know which foods you should avoid and what you should eat more of. A large number of people complain that dairy products and milk make their stomachs hurt and their bowels watery.

Lactose Intolerant

They don’t realize that they may be lactose intolerant. To determine if you need IBS treatment or if you are just lactose intolerant, you should have a doctor test you. If you discover that you are lactose-intolerant, it is time to get rid of milk and dairy products from your fridge. There are many alternatives to dairy milk. One of these is soy milk. Next, go through your freezer and remove any fatty foods.

Natural IBS relief is within reach if you stop frying and instead try grilling or baking. For a few days, you should try to avoid eating fatty foods and see if it affects your IBS symptoms. Your IBS symptoms may be helped by avoiding chocolate, butter, mayonnaise, and butter. Sacrifices must be made to relieve the pain of IBS symptoms. You might also consider reducing the intake of acidic foods to help IBS.


They can cause stomach pain and increase inflammation. You can also avoid coffee to help your IBS. People who drink hot, black coffee are in for a bad surprise. Experts agree that caffeine can cause IBS by aggravating the stomach. You can either cut back on the amount of coffee you drink or have it replaced by decaffeinated.

Dieta adequada

You can get immediate relief from IBS by eating a lot of fiber-rich foods at home. Avoid junk food and oily snacks. To maintain a healthy digestive system, keep a good supply of yogurt and products with probiotics at your home. Although good bacteria is naturally present in the intestine, it can sometimes be overwhelmed by bad bacteria. Probiotics can help maintain a healthy digestive tract and reduce IBS symptoms. These simple, but effective, steps will help you live an IBS-free lifestyle.