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How To Treat Age Spots?

There is a natural remedy for age spots. Beauty enthusiasts used plant extracts, animal fats and bee products to treat common skin problems. Cleopatra was hailed as the most beautiful woman of ancient times and bathed in honey and milk. Too much sun exposure can cause age spots.

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The sun’s UV rays penetrate the skin and cause melanin to be produced abnormally. Our skin takes on a darker hue due to the presence of melanin. If there is an abnormal amount of this skin component, it can lead to dark, irregularly-shaped spots. These spots can be reduced by controlling melanin production.

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  • This condition can be treated naturally with lemon juice. It can improve your skin’s vibrancy by its natural bleaching properties.This is a great way to lighten the skin. Lemon juice can be used to treat dark spots on the body. Apply the juice to the affected areas with cotton. Let the juice sit for at least 30 min. After 30 minutes, rinse the juice with water. Then, apply a lightening moisturizer immediately.
  • Honey has bleaching properties. This is often mixed with lemon juice. It can lighten spots and scars on your skin. It can also relieve dry skin.
  • Papaya is another option for lightening. It is rich in papaine, which inhibits the production melanin. Many soap products today contain papaine extract. Because it is not photosensitive like lemon extract, papaine extract is used in soap products.