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An itchy penis can hit a man anytime and any location – and may be due to numerous things. Among the more irritating causes is commonly called thrush – a yeast infection, the correct name of that is candidiasis. Practicing appropriate penis care can help reduce the likelihood of disease, which is certainly highly recommended.

Yeast infection

It Is far more common in women than in men, but men sometimes do acquire them too. And while thrush frequently occurs on the penis and surrounding areas and can be transmitted from one partner to another, it’s not classified as a sexually transmitted disease. That’s essentially because there are different ways for guys to contract candidiasis. Additionally, it is not always found on the genitals.


It can appear in different areas, including the mouth. Candidiasis is caused by a yeast fungus called candida. This is a commonly-occurring fungus that all bodies have. It’s only when the amount of the uterus gets out of hand it causes an itchy penis or other difficulties. Thrush can be given from one spouse to another through sexual contact, although this does not occur as often as may be expected.

Use of antibiotics. Antibiotics help to keep disease in check by killing germs, but they kill both good and bad bacteria. When the good bacteria are diminished, candida may benefit from the chance to flourish and grow. Immune system difficulties. Similarly, once the immune system is negatively affected, the conditions become better for candida to gain in numbers. Diabetes. High blood glucose helps candida to strain, so uncontrolled diabetes can be a variable. Improper hygiene. A penis that’s not kept correctly cleaned is far more inclined to accommodate thrush.

Tenha em mente

That means both the ones which aren’t kept clean in addition to those who are cleaned with harsh soaps or cleansers are more vulnerable. In the latter case, the improper cleaner causes bloated skin, and this is a much better environment for fungal infections. There are a lot of straightforward steps that a man may take to make his instrument less likely to develop candidiasis. Use a condom. When thrush is sexually transmitted, it’s usually when a person has been engaging in sexual intercourse without a condom. The rubber can help to prevent the transfer of yeast into the man’s member.


Watch the blood glucose. Maintaining blood sugar at a suitable level makes the disease less likely to happen. Keep the immune system . Eating healthily, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep can help fortify the immune system, which makes one less susceptible to thrush. Don’t get too rough. Irritated penis skin is a goal for thrush. Sometimes guys get a little too rough when masturbating, and that excess friction may lead to irritation. Keep the strokes exciting and steady but do not lose all control. Practice proper hygiene. As stated earlier, a clean tool is less likely to pull thrush and the following itchy penis.

Guys should wash their members after having sex, even if they wear a condom, just to be safe. As stated previously, it’s vital the cleaner used is not too harsh and doesn’t contain chemicals or perfumes which are most likely to irritate skin. Don’t stop there, however. Keeping the gear healthy can be done by regular use of an excellent penis health crème (caregivers advocate Man1 Man Oil).


Look for one that contains a blend of a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E is good), which can help smooth and alleviate common skin irritation in addition to itchiness. The crème should also contain vitamin B5, which assists in life sustenance and healthy penile cell metabolism. Used regularly, the ideal crème can do great things for the itchy penis problem brought on by thrush.