Massagem Osteopática

Como me livrar de minhas dores de cabeça?

How to get rid of your headaches! Did you know? You must identify the root cause of any problem before you can fix it. Imagine your car suddenly making an awful sound. This is the mechanic’s way of saying that you are in pain. The mechanic must examine the vehicle and determine the cause. Imagine that the mechanic only takes a few minutes to fix the horrible noise 9 times out of 10. This “thing” can also prolong the life of your car by saving you time and money.

This is great!

You can save time, money, and your car will continue to run for an extra year. What could be better? The cause of your headaches is the same. This is the good news. Yes, misalignments in the neck can cause pain by putting pressure on nerves. There is more good news. The majority of neck misalignments suffer from one specific misalignment. It is the loss of the neck’s normal “C” curve.

The neck spine should be smooth and flowing when viewed from the side. Many people have lost this curve, or have it completely reversed. The cervical traction neck pillow is a quick and simple solution. You can get rid of headaches, improve posture, and sleep better. While you sleep, this pillow restores the normal curvature to the neck.


You can also do some good postural exercises and stretches to relieve pressure on the nerves in your neck. Stretches and specific exercises help to balance the muscles and keep your spine in its best position. True neck traction can also be used to correct your cervical curve, or “C” Curve. Neck traction works in the same way as braces to align your teeth.

A chiropractor is another option. A chiropractor can take a neck scan to confirm the existence of misalignments and feel for them. He/she can also make adjustments to the spine or perform manipulations. The chiropractor can advise you on exercises, stretching, and other natural ways to relieve your headaches.