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Como obter alívio da constipação?

Chronic constipation can lead to other diseases such as arthritis, appendicitis and high blood pressure. Constipation is a common condition that can cause disturbances in the digestive system. It is a condition where bowel movements are irregular. It causes toxins to build up in the bowel and spread throughout the body. Chronic constipation can lead to other diseases such as appendicitis and rheumatism.

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  • Apple Juice and Prune Juice – Make fresh apple juice to cure constipation. You can make fresh apple juice with a juicer and consume 3-4 glasses per day. Step 1: Drink 2-3 cups of prune juice. After you have had your prune juice, and your first glass apple juice, get ready to go to the bathroom. After drinking prune juice, you may need to go to the bathroom. Consuming prune juice alone is very helpful for constipation. It is safe, gentle, and effective as a natural laxative. Take a cup of prune juice each morning and one cup each evening. The laxative properties of prune juice are due to the presence of dihydrophenylisatin. You should not consume prune juice if you have constipation. Half a glass of prune juice in the morning, half a glass in the evening.
  • Guava with seeds is a good choice as it provides fiber and aids in the normal evacuation of the bowels. On a daily basis, eat 1-2 guavas. It will prevent constipation.
  • Natural laxatives that work are papaya, grapes, and orange. They can be used to treat constipation. You can also consume four to five dried figs overnight soaked in water.
  • Another good remedy for constipation is bael fruit. Bael fruit is a very effective treatment for constipation. It can be consumed every day for approximately 2-3 months.
  • Spinach is another home remedy for constipation. You can either eat it raw or make your own juice. Mix 100ml spinach juice and equal amounts of water. Drink it twice daily.