As pessoas deixam de lado o conceito de medo, tristeza, pesar e dor.

Como obter liberdade mental?

Resistance is a battle between one emotion and yet another. You want that feeling you get when you win and you attempt to avoid the experience of losing. Have you not done something because you talked too early and you could not change your position because of your stubbornness or perhaps did not need to look bad in front of your friends?


Você sabe que sua avaliação da situação é diferente do que você pensava, mas você continua a manter sua posição apesar do fato de saber que pode estar errado. Aprendemos a resistir a certas pessoas e passamos a supor que o que elas dizem deve ser duvidado. Eles estavam errados antes, por que eu deveria confiar neles agora? O que exatamente estamos resistindo quando estamos resistindo? São as nossas emoções. E uma vez que o fazemos, não o reconhecemos como agarrando com força os sentimentos que estamos experimentando. Há muito pouca consciência de que é isso que estamos fazendo.

We withstand most emotions and therefore are reluctant to release them. Picture the individual prepared to jump out on his first parachute effort. As he grips into the overhead bar he wants to pump up his courage to let go. There’s an emotion of fear that if it wasn’t present at all, he would leap freely. This illustration is logical and easily understood but there are a lot more subtle resisted emotions. Consider your friend who may think of herself as otherwise brilliant but has come to believe she’s not good enough or deserving enough to be happy. Every belief you have even the most subtle decisions you made about yourself, others and life in general, are drawn so to speak with an emotion. It’s what holds the belief set up.

A questão é por quê?

The law of attraction clearly indicates that energy precedes everything. Thoughts, rather small’things’ are a sort of manifestation in the physical world of the present moment. The present moment that you appear to be experiencing is similar to a light bulb shining brightly as long as it’s on. It may only be noticed at the present moment; since that’s the only time you may go through the light being on. When the energy isn’t moving to the vortex of today, energy intersecting with the audience, there’s absolutely no light.

The only proof that light exists is at the present. Your feelings are similar to the energy and they’re given rise by your intent. Our feelings range in the higher end, happiness, joy and bliss, to the lower vibrations of grief, hopelessness and powerlessness. The cells in the human body are healthy when they experience no resistance to their normal growth, where they’re free. This is why joy and joy is the best conditions for success. Life is a procedure in a vibrational universe constantly moving in the direction of least resistance, towards what we give our attention to. Our natural instinct is to exist, hence we seek better feelings.

Precisamos de mais liberdade

We seek pleasure since it’s a better sense, no resistance to growth. When we resist or are in a resisting manner, we’re focused away from happiness and liberty. What we give focus, we proceed towards since in that instant it’s the path of least resistance. This is the wonderful gift of freedom of will and freedom to find happiness and joy. Everyone possesses the ability to intentionally choose in any time the ideas they have. Everyone can choose to think better sense ideas about everything and anything.

Ninguém está obrigado, a menos que acreditem que assim seja. Limitar crenças transmitidas na vida assemelha-se a sentir idéias, mas todos têm a liberdade de procurar deliberadamente idéias de sentimentos melhores e mais alegres, uma escolha que pertence a todos. Aprendemos erroneamente muito cedo, que as coisas fora das pessoas são o que nos faz felizes e, claro, também infelizes. De fato, toda a gama de emoções foi determinada nesse sentido e foi raciocinada e transmitida de uma geração a outra. Há aqueles que ensinam que somos indignos de experimentar muito prazer.

And that we ought to resist those who preach differently. If one were to have a listing of all of the items they dwelled on in their mind each day they would be amazed at how many diverse items come up. If you could record the emotional vibrations you could see exactly what the average reading was, including which reduced scaled emotions dominated daily. That resistant thinking on a daily basis requires a toll on your energy and wellness. When we start to observe the things we’re emotionally resisting we can start to comprehend the emotions that exist. And if those feelings are tied to limiting beliefs we can consciously decide to release them.


There are no emotions to change, just simply the will to release the grip we have on them. The slowness of becoming good at anything is psychological resistance. The psychological resistance to failing slows the movement towards success. One doesn’t triumph by avoiding failure; they need to simply concentrate on the sense of success. By reaching for superior feeling thoughts you’ll find immediate change in your own experience. There’s a huge goldmine of significance here as it reaches to each area of life. Have fun in the question. In this moment life begins a process towards exciting shift.