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Como obter sucesso na carreira dos que sofrem de enxaqueca?

Migraine sufferers may be able to have a successful career on their own terms. You can also enjoy the satisfaction of conquering a serious health handicap. Despite constant migraine attacks, I was able to succeed in my first career as an actuary/financial services executive. I will share my experiences and lessons learned along the way to success. Each person will define success differently. You are the only one who can see the severity and frequency of your migraines.

Success Journey

Your journey to success will be different and challenging. It will be dynamic as external and internal conditions change. You may not be able perform at a consistent level due to your medical condition. You could find yourself underperforming at work if you ignore the fact that you may have migraine attacks in the future. This reality should be part of your career plan. If you want to manage your migraines effectively, you need to be realistic about what you can do. Coaching can help reduce the suffering that migraines can cause.

Don’t let yourself down – you have strengths, capabilities, and skills that were not visible until now. Your potential is greater that you realize.  I will triumph! The greatest disservice that human beings can do to themselves is to give up on them. I know that long-term headaches or a series migraines can cause despair. If you have a career that includes migraine management, it is less likely that despair will take root. Your determination and willpower will triumph over these temporary setbacks because you have a deeper desire to succeed at what interests and is good at. This sense of mission, fighting against all odds, will make your career success even sweeter.

Bad Days

You can have bad days. The nature of migraines is that suffering and pain can be a constant part of our lives. I have managed to reduce the severity of the problem by keeping track of my migraine status each morning and reviewing the results every week and month. Knowing that there will always be bad times, I am able to ask myself “How am I doing overall?” This long-term perspective helps me to be grateful for the good days. You could be an entrepreneur or a large business owner. No matter what type of organization it is, it should be flexible enough to accommodate your migraines.

No matter how happy you are, a job that requires you to be at work during regular working hours will be more difficult than one that is measured by how much you produce in a given time period. A company or industry that is more relaxed will be a better fit than one that is constantly in crisis. You can set the working conditions for your business up to a point if you choose to own it. Your success is dependent on you and your ability to manage it. Ask yourself if independence can be more important than being under pressure. If you are too successful, stress can become a problem unless you learn how to delegate and work with others.

Migraine Pain

There are many ways to relieve migraine pain. These include prescription and over-the-counter medications, and preventive medications, medical and alternative care, as well as alternative treatments. My view is that it is crucial to have constant access to a trusted physician to help reduce your pain. You will find out who you can trust at work to tell you the truth about your migraines and how they affect your work style. Your boss is the most important person, followed by your support staff and trusted peers. Trust can be earned by being honest and delivering results.

Family, friends, or a coach can be invaluable sources of support and encouragement. What do you do when migraine attacks and work requirements collide? It may seem easier to manage your career at a slower pace to reduce stress. This can result in you being shuffled into a job where your talents are not being utilized, which can cause frustration and a lack of engagement with your work. Your career plan will have gone off the rails at this point, and you will need to find meaningful work again.


Don’t sweat the small stuff! These keys are very comprehensive and can seem overwhelming. These keys are a lifetime guide to career success. But career is only one aspect of life. It is balanced by family, friends, recreation, health, spirituality and finances. Learning is another important aspect. One focus on migraine can be dangerous. The same goes for a single focus on migraine.

Spread your wings! Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you suffer from migraines, it’s not your fault. The greatest counterweight to the serious material in the first nine points is a sense humor. Being able to laugh with other people and, most importantly, at yourself, is a great way to have a sense of humor. This, fellow migraineurs, is the highest endorsement I can give. You can have a fulfilling and successful career. You can increase your chances of success by planning ahead using the 10 keys. Despite the fact that there may seem to more obstacles for you than others, I believe you can overcome them with dedication and support like the ones listed above.