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Como controlar suas alergias?

If you’re allergic to tree, grass or weed pollen, the start of spring, summer or fall can feel as the beginning of the end. But that doesn’t need to be true. Here are five things you can do right now that will get you on the path to relief.

Fechar as janelas

This might appear contrary to what people usually say about allowing in fresh air. But if you’re allergic, letting in the air whilst pollination is occurring can be disastrous. Instead, shut the windows in your house and your vehicle, and circulate the air as opposed to exchanging it. Some spores will still get in on hair, bundles, pets, and through doors as you go and come, but the amount will be far less than if you leave windows open.

Limpar os Dutos

Heating and air conditioning ducts may collect all sorts of particles which could get blown to your house or office once you cut the heat or ac. Not only is it a gathering location for dust, and other contaminants, but with the ideal conditions mold can grow indoors also. Purchasing getting the ducts cleaned will be well worth the health issues you might have the ability to avoid.

Vácuo com um HEPA

Aspirar e limpar superfícies com um pano úmido ou esfregão é muito melhor do que varrer. Estes métodos minimizam o número de partículas que voltam a entrar no ar. Entretanto, o tipo ideal de vácuo (HEPA) é aquele com um filtro que pode minimizar as partículas que são sopradas no ar.

Roupa de cama com coberturas de ácaros

The protein in dust mite excrement is among the most potent indoor pollutants known. And regrettably, mites are common to indoor spaces irrespective of how clean you keep your dwelling. The best way to decrease their population is to keep them from hiding in the dark, moist bedding and feeding on dead skin flakes on your bed. These relatively inexpensive covers keep them from mattresses and cushions. And as they’re killed by sunlight, this is a really powerful and natural way to control the issue. Fewer mites can often make it easier for you to sleep. A fantastic night’s sleep gives your body an opportunity to rest and be prepared to deal with vulnerability to seasonal things more easily.

Filtrar o ar

O aspirador de ar perfeito pode ser seu ás em casa. Mesmo depois de tomar todas as precauções mencionadas anteriormente, sempre haverá irritantes no ar interno se você não tomar ações pró-ativas para manter os níveis baixos. Um filtro de ar de alta eficiência com retenção de partículas (HEPA) é um dos filtros mais seguros e melhores para se ter trabalhando para você. Para ser designado como tal, ele precisa ter mostrado que pode eliminar 99.997 de cada 10.000 partículas transportadas pelo ar que tenham um tamanho igual ou superior a.3 mícrons.