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Endometriosis And The Immune System?

The immune system is one of the most frequently used terms when discussing the status of Endometriosis. Many physicians believe the reduced immune system that’s experienced by Endometriosis sufferers is the real cause of developing the condition of Endometriosis.

What it is?

Endometriosis suffer from ailments such as allergies, hay fever, food sensitivities and skin sensitivities. There’s therefore a definite connection between Endometriosis sufferers and a lowered Immune Function. Endometriosis is due to retrograde cells being found inside the uterus and other areas of the body. These cells grow and develop into what is popularly called Endometriosis.

Women do however experience these retrograde cells and do not necessarily develop Endometriosis. It’s largely believed that they have a stronger immune system, which alleviates Endometriosis being developed. High levels of toxins in the body together with high sugar content may radically affect the immune system function and for that reason the real indication of a diminished immune system, largely relates back to diet. Toxins are located in many of the foods that we consume.


Dioxin, a very powerful toxin was proven to be directly connected to the cause of Endometriosis. Dioxin is found in meats and on vegetables and fruits. It’s found within insecticides and pesticides that are consumed by the animals which we eat or on the skin of the fruit and vegetables we consume. It’s a really harmful toxin and sits inside our fat cells. These toxins will produce additional strain on our immune system and make the job of the human body expelling allergies and disease harder.

To prevent Dioxin it is suggested to decrease the fat content of our diet. Including any meat products and dairy products since it is where this toxin is extremely prevalent. Endometriosis sufferers can boost their immune system by providing their body with extra immune boosting tools. These include anti-oxidants and pure nourishment in the kind of vegetable juices that are created in the home and consumed within minutes of preparation.


Other immune boosting additions like Aloe Vera Juice, Noni Juice and Goji Berries along with pure Cocoa Beans can provide some wonderful anti-oxidants and nutrients to help the body increase its immune system. Though the immune system can be tackled independently, it’s still a general holistic approach that’s required to cure Endometriosis completely. This necessitates a complete lifestyle change and evaluation. If you want to find out more about how to help yourself through holistic healing please read more about other methods of doing this, on my website or through other posts I’ve written.