Exame por um médico. Cuperose no nariz de uma jovem mulher. Acne no rosto.

Tudo o que você já ouviu sobre o Acne poderia estar errado?

What the Doctors do not want you to understand: The secrets, the lies, the fact about acne. You can not handle the truth! But here is the truth, I’ll be honest, I understand how you feel, I truly do. So if it’s really that simple why did not anything work for me? I believe I was finally beginning to understand what I was missing all alone, ultimately I cut can through all of the hype and find the truth.


Frequent washing may further flare up acne? Acne isn’t caused by the environmental dirt. It’s the congestion of sebaceous glands which cause acne. With regular washing, you may further spread the disease and get scars. Toothpaste can cure acne? Toothpaste can’t cure acne. For acne treatment, you must use topical like benzoyl peroxide.

Antibiotics will help if you have inflammation. Salicylic acid is another fantastic medicine for application. Ask your physician before using anything. It’s not teens only, but everyone can get acne. Anybody can get acne. It’s not related only to teens. Most of the teens get it due to hormonal changes in the adolescent years.


Rosacea is a serious for of acne? Rosacea has no connection to acne. It’s not the same disorder though it imitates acne occasionally. You can get acne on other areas of the body apart from the face? You can get acne where there’s a sebaceous gland connected to a hair follicle. Places such as upper arms, torso, etc. are prone to acne.

Acne is just a cosmetic disease? Yes, acne does affect the way people look and isn’t otherwise a serious threat to an individual’s physical health. However, acne can lead to permanent physical scars–also, acne itself and its scars may affect how people feel about themselves to the point of affecting their lives.


Popping pimples can help them go away faster? Popping a pimple can make it look less noticeable temporarily, but popping can make it to stay around more. By squeezing pimples and zits, you can really push germs further into the skin, causing more swelling and redness – and occasionally causing a reddish or brownish mark or scar to form. Sometimes marks can last for many months and accurate scars (pits and dents ) will continue forever.

Nota final

The sun will help eliminate acne? The sun may work in the short term to hasten the clearing of acne when reddening skin, thus blending skin tone with red acne marks. However, a sun burn is really skin damage. Sun exposure causes irritation that may make acne worse. People will often notice their skin breaking out as it heals against sunlight damage. The sun is a temporary band-aid that can often bite back with more acne in the weeks after exposure. Having said this, I don’t need to give the impression that the sun is bad. It’s not. We get our vitamin D from sunlight for example. Limiting sun exposure on acne prone regions of your body is probably sensible, but some exposure from time to time isn’t only inevitable, but is perfectly fine.