Closeup Gotu Kola leaves ( folha de Gotu Kola asiática, Centella asiatica ) e garrafa de extrato de óleo essencial isolada sobre fundo de mesa de madeira. Conceito de planta tropical médica herbácea.

Como recrescer naturalmente os cabelos para os homens?

Normalmente acontece que um pai começa a perder o cabelo na casa dos vinte e poucos anos, e agora seus irmãos começaram a passar pelo mesmo por volta dessa época. Se isto lhe parece familiar, não entre em pânico. A medicina moderna e a sabedoria antiga podem se combinar em tratamentos eficazes para o crescimento do cabelo que trarão [...]

Male suffering with pain in the urogenital system. Disease for men. The concept of protection of sexually transmitted infections.

Como evitar a Balanoposthitis?

A red penis can be a funny thing: when it looks like a healthy reddish glow, it indicates a member that’s at a high-functioning state. However, once the redness is similar to an inflammation, it might just be a indication of a penis health problem. For men that are intact, […]

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Red, Sore, Itchy Penis? The Causes!

Most men will experience a red, itchy penis from time to time. Swelling, itching and inflammation of the penis is understood by the general term balanitis, a Greek word that means”swollen acorn.” Regardless of this intimidating-sounding title, an inflamed, sore penis is generally nothing quite serious, and typically, it can […]

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Flaky, Dry Penis Skin? Read Me!

The look of flaky, dry skin is understandably upsetting to many men. In the first place, dryness may result in considerable distress, and it can cause sex or self-gratification debilitating. In the next place, it may be a source of embarrassment – what guy would like to show himself to […]

Asian men grab or cover his crotch against gray background. Epididymo-orchitis. The concept of male health problems.

Como manter a pressão na baía?

An itchy penis can hit a man anytime and any location – and may be due to numerous things. Among the more irritating causes is commonly called thrush – a yeast infection, the correct name of that is candidiasis. Practicing appropriate penis care can help reduce the likelihood of disease, […]