Você pode me dizer quais são os melhores remédios para alergias em casa?

Allergic reactions are sure to provide you with an uncomfortable time. You can have stubborn coughs, runny nose, watery red eyes, skin rashes and a lot more once allergy attacks. The thing is that allergens that cause allergic reactions are all around. They could even flying around in your dwelling. Some of the traditional examples of allergens are dust and pollens, and should you not have a healthy immune system, these allergens can easily overtake your body.

Eliminate allergens

If your body is weak against allergens, then you’ve got to be really careful. One good thing you could do to decrease the occurrences of allergies is to begin eliminating these allergens in your dwelling. Here are five remedies for allergies in the home.

Shower when you get home

Everyone is advised to have a bath at least once a day. Aside from taking baths, you also need to bear in mind to wash yourself after lingering in the polluted streets out. Allergens can easily stick in your clothes, hair and skin so if you spent plenty of time outdoors, you need to take a shower when you get home.

Keep your Home clean

One thing that you ought to do to ward off allergens is to keep your home clean at all times. When you frequently remove dusts, wipe your furnace and vacuum clean, you won’t just eliminate allergens, however you’ll also be safe from different bacteria and viruses that might lead to disease and illness.

Use Clothes dryer

If you reside in a location near a huge field of flowers and grains, it may be better to use the clothes dryer rather than hanging your laundry on a clothesline to dry. To prevent that musky cloth smell from the clothes dryer, you can simply use fabric conditioner. Or in case you really want your clothes to smell clean, you need to at least create some barrier or set up screens to protect the region where you hang your laundry from pollen spores. The odor of fresh air is always wonderful. But what if the atmosphere that you deeply inhale is accompanied with allergens? Then you’re probably going to be in trouble.

Put some door and window screens

To hinder allergens from entering your property, it’s a excellent idea to invest on door and window screens. Although installation of displays is quite costly, it’ll be very useful in the long term. Plus, you won’t need to take trips to the hospital for checkup or purchase antihistamine from the pharmacy if your home can’t be obtained by allergens.

Have an air purifiers

If you’re prone to allergic reactions, then you need to consider having an air purifiers installed in your property. These air purifiers behave as allergen filters that capture dust, pollens, bacteria and other free radicals which may be flying around your dwelling. It is easy to get an air purifier at home improvement stores. But before you buy one, it may be helpful to research about the best air purifier on the market. You may use the Internet to look for the brand with the most positive reviews and feedback.