Terapeuta de medicina alternativa usando pêndulo para fazer um diagnóstico

A auto-hipnose pode ajudá-lo?

Self hypnosis can change your life! But will self hypnosis work for you? Just about everybody has heard of hypnosis, and it carries lots of mystique. Many folks fear it thinking they may be pressured to do things they normally wouldn’t do (that isn’t true), and others adopt hypnosis for many of its benefits.

Are you curious?

Do you want to know whether you can be hypnotized? Well, let’s find out right now with this simple test. You may take the test right now sitting in front of your PC. To do this test, read through this guide and take it out of memory, or record yourself reading the guide, then take the exam listening to a recording. Now imagine there’s a metal, silver-colored bucket filled with ice water next to your left hand; it’s a 3-inch coating of ice cubes floating in the water. The exterior of the bucket is dripping with condensation. Now imagine your left hand is hanging submerged in the water. Feel all of the ice cubes pushing from the hand.

There’s a tingling sensation under your fingernails that is moving your fingers and hand towards your wrist. The numbness is actually uncomfortable, so you lift your hands from the ice water, and the bucket is replaced with a red plastic bucket of warm water. Your hand is beginning to feel better; the throbbing has ceased, and the tingling is coming back as your hands thaws out and gets warmer and warmer. Open your eyes. This test is known as the”temperature suggestibility test”. Did your hand really feel cold? Did it throb, tingle, or feel numb? Did your arm or the rest of you feel cold? How can your arm and hand feel now? Are they warm and comfy? If you experienced any of those effects, you can be hypnotized.

Take  note

The more real this experience felt to you, the deeper your hypnotic trance can be, and the greater hypnotic suggestions will work for you. Why does this test work?

  • You will need to have the ability to relax and concurrently focus your creativity?
  • You will need to have the ability to set aside the critical, logical character of your conscious mind sufficient to communicate with your subconscious mind? If you felt the ramifications of the simple test, then you have these skills. The last thing you need for self hypnosis to work for you is a desire to change and improve your life.
  • WARNING: Not everyone will respond to this test. If you had no response, it might be because you’re reading the article rather than relaxing and hearing the proposal, or it might be you need more time to relax and focus. If you didn’t respond to this evaluation, it does not mean that you can’t be hypnotized. It just means you will need to try another approach.