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Uma dieta de desintoxicação pode ajudar seu sistema imunológico?

The immune system is part of the detoxifying mechanism in the human system. Because of all of the toxins you take into your body on a regular basis by simply living on this polluted world, your immune system can get overwhelmed. Once your immune system gets sluggish due to being overworked it fails to recognize alien substances and remove them, thus allowing the body to become overrun with toxins.

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Just like a nuclear power plant which sounds an alarm once the chemicals aren’t appropriate, your body sends alarms to warn you that something isn’t perfect. The body works flawlessly when it’s fed the appropriate”chemicals” which are derived from the things consumed in the body, either by mouth (eating), lungs (breathing), or skin ( bathing or pampering with body compounds).

We might not be able to control that which we breathe or what we expose our skin to, but we do have plenty of control over what we think about our bodies orally. To put it simply, eating the correct foods in proper proportions will go a long way in detoxifying your body. Granted, the majority of us don’t have healthy eating habits and overcoming a bad habit isn’t straightforward.


That having been said, let’s examine a few of the signs of a sluggish immune system to find out whether the effort put forth to “cleanse” our body of toxins is well worth it. Do you often wake up “tired” even though it seemed like you slept through the night? Your body is only alarming you that something isn’t perfect. Have you ever found yourself working on a job and you just can not seem to get it done, because your concentration isn’t there? This is just another cry for help from the human body. It’s alarming one to the fact that something is not perfect.

When multiple warnings are being sounded by your own body, be assured it requires attention. Many times a simple detox program is all that’s required to quiet the cries of your body. That being said, always see your physician before undergoing any diet modification, particularly when specific symptoms are chronic ( have been present for a long period of time).

Nutritional fact

A rather simple diet change for one to try is to eat only raw foods for a time period. By raw foods, meat and fish are excluded of course. Eating salads made from organic vegetables or making”beverages” with a blender to emulsify the vegetables. Just add a little water to make it drinkable. Raw fruits with no sugar added and uncooked (not roasted), unsalted nuts are also okay on the raw food diet. If seasoning must create the raw foods more palatable, use olive oil and lemon juice and garlic. If fruits are purchased in season, they will need no improvement to make them palatable.

Raw foods contain beneficial nutrients and are easily digested because they naturally contain enzymes that aid in the digestive process. Since they’re so easily digested they permit the body to experience a rest period when cleansing and healing by means of the very important components in the”real” food you’re ingesting.


So as to provide the digestive system even more of a break, you may want to try juicing. Juicing is accomplished using a juicer, which eliminates the pulp from the fruit or vegetables being juiced. The juice from organic fruits and vegetables contain only pure nourishment without the toxins. Purchasing juices off the shelf isn’t advised due to the preservatives and additives which become toxic in the body. Juicing should just be done for a couple of days without the supervision of your doctor. The most intense fast is a water quickly.

This gives the digestive system a real “workout”, since water includes no nutrients to be digested. This fast ought to be done for just two days. When doing a water quickly, or perhaps a juice just diet, make sure you get a lot of rest. Do not participate in activities that require plenty of energy.


Additionally, there are commercial products which are used for detoxifying the body so that your immune system can operate correctly. Caution is recommended when buying cleanses because they may be too harsh and flush required nutrition from the body. Sometimes toxins are awakened rather than eliminated quickly enough and a very sick condition can result. Consult your medical care provider for information on commercial cleanses. Choose a fantastic detox program and help your immune system function correctly. You may see results in your energy levels and on your enhanced mental ability.