Por que Te Rage sobre medicina alternativa?

Alternative medicine has seemingly been the”NEW BLACK” from the area of medicine. A growing number of people are heading towards different kinds of maintaining healthy than the traditional run of the mill manner of doing things.

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Nearly everybody is thinking about or doing either reflexology or aromatherapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, western herbal medicine, Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), dietary therapy, homeopathy, seeking information from religious healers or a little of all of them. And so we see different methods and means of non traditional medical care that goes on.

Why is it the anger? Alternative medication tends to focus more on the individual than the disease. I hear you asking why this is a fantastic thing. Well we’re all unique individuals and what works for the one might not necessarily work for the following. The truth is in some instances the medication prescribed is only a total waste of time.

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There are occasionally other underlying issues at play that traditional medicine doesn’t always see. It’s been said that traditional medicine might be quite helpful in dealing with traumatic injury and disasters yet it tends to fall short in understanding and effectively treating chronic diseases and degeneration.

Conventional medicine focuses on the symptoms while other medicine generally requires the more holistic approach. People are also getting tired of the overall adverse effects, the combating of dependence and the higher prices of the conventional side of medicine.

Health care

Health care around the world will pay less and less and people have had enough. That combined with the fact that when many physicians might be focusing on the symptoms, they have little, if any respect for the individual and the emotional trauma they go through. All this leaves a rather bad taste in the patients’ mouth.

Prescription drugs are usually habit forming and they could have serious negative side effects which will only be found after the truth. Many prescription and over the counter medications originated from herbs or have herbs as part of their content. Some experts have gone so far as to say the compound medicine that we get prescribed aren’t defined correctly and tend to be rather misleading in what the health risks may be.

Herbal help

Herbs are used for time and memorial in treating diseases and ailments and it’s come back into popularity with a bang. Probably because there uses are so vast. They not only work as a cure in diseases but they’re also great as a preventative. Adaptogenic herbs are herbs that increase resistance and endurance from the bodies’ immune system and you have the tonics which are taken for greater energy.

Herbs may be used internally or made into salves or balms for outside use. Herbal teas are great as a relaxant. Chinese Herbal medicine is an ancient form of healing that originated approximately 4000 years back and before the period of the renaissance it had been much more effective in treating illnesses than Western Medicine.


Chinese herbal medicine comprises the Yin and Yang, the circulation of Qi (pronounced Chee) and the concept of the 5 components. Health is when the flow of Qi (energy) is balanced due to a continuous dynamic process between the yin and the yang. Chinese medicine is very effective, safe and gentle.


It comes from the words ayus meaning “life” and veda meaning “knowledge”. Its infancy is supposed to come from ancient Hindu Sanskrit written on palm leaves. Herbal medicine is provided in conjunction to massages, change of diet and yoga exercises. I am not suggesting that herbs are without risks since there are very real ones (arsenic is natural, and we’re all aware of the dangers of ephedra), therefore herbs are just to be utilized as guided by an Herbalist. Always tell you Doctor if and what herbs you are already taking as some herbs clash horribly and the side effects can be very dangerous when taken together with Chemical drugs.

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