Quais os tipos de depressão que existem?

Depression can affect people in all stages of the lives and is independent of their sex, socio-economic background, ethnicity etc. of a specific person. However the way it affects individuals of different ages disagrees, also symptoms vary between women and men. It’s important to understand these faces of the dreaded illness and get it treated accordingly.


It’s often assumed that symptoms of depression set in as a individual enters old age and his lifestyle changes so, however it’s important to see that everyone should be living a healthy and happy life even the men and women that are in their prime. Many older adults actually do contribute satisfactory lives but a few don’t. This era entails difficult changes like dependency on others and health issues which could cause depression.

Eles freqüentemente se queixam dos sintomas físicos, onde a depressão tem seu impacto, porém os psicológicos muitas vezes passam despercebidos, o que torna seu diagnóstico ainda mais desafiador. As causas e sintomas da depressão diferem entre mulheres e homens. As mulheres são mais vulneráveis à depressão, duas vezes mais. Há um grande número de causas de depressão, que são comuns com homens como doenças, pressões sociais ou fiscais e perda de entes queridos para outras pessoas como mudanças hormonais que freqüentemente passam como um componente do procedimento natural.

Reação feminina

The truth is female reaction to stress is much more categorical in women than in men due to they are more vulnerable to it. Depression is often taken as an indication of weakness and is considered’unmanly’, it is okay for girls to concede their psychological and psychological condition as gloomy, but guys appear to take it as something contrary to their pride and honor. This mindset makes it hard for men to admit the indicators and they’re most likely to pay more attention to the aches, pains, change in sleep patterns, headaches etc that are in turn a byproduct of depression only.

Reações dos homens

Men are more prone to suicidal thoughts and trends, special those in the prime of their era. Other warning signs in men include anger, violence, inflicting self injury as well as harming others. Sadly enough this horrific disease does not spare children and adolescents too. The most glaring symptoms consist of mad behavior accompanied by irritability and withdrawal in the society. While all adolescents exhibit this behaviour in one or another period of their lives, if left unattended these signs can receive even more grave and even impact the child’s normal growth and hence his potential. Depressed teenagers are easily led to substance abuse.


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