O que saber sobre o ensino de aulas particulares de Yoga?

There are now hundreds of Yoga teacher training programs for teachers across the world. Many of these programs offer 200 hour and 500 hour levels of instructor certificates.

Expansão da Yoga

Despite a lagging economy, or maybe more accurately due to the lagging economy, a growing number of individuals are turning to the restorative and stress-reducing practices of Yoga. According to Yoga Journal, there are now over 14 million Americans who practice Yoga on a regular basis.

The tradition of Yoga has expanded from retreat centers and ashrams to mainstream settings such as: health clubs, community centers, colleges, hospitals, as well as jails. Although there are opportunities to work as a Yoga teacher in a number of these settings, a Yoga instructor might also wish to consider offering private lessons to their students.

Instrutor de Yoga Pessoal

Trabalhar como instrutor pessoal de ioga pode ser extremamente gratificante e lucrativo. Você terá a capacidade de trabalhar com aqueles que, de outra forma, poderiam não poder assistir fisicamente a uma aula de Yoga. Você também terá a capacidade de definir seus próprios preços e horas. Se você estiver procurando complementar sua renda dando algumas aulas de Yoga pessoal ou se eventualmente precisar ensinar apenas em uma base pessoal, estabelecer sua clientela pessoal pode ser uma opção inteligente.

Needless to say, the demographic region in which you reside is an important consideration when you’re evaluating in the event you should concentrate on creating a personal Yoga student base. You will need to work in a region where people generally have enough disposable income to pay for personal Yoga instruction. It would be best to gear your marketing efforts to areas which are more affluent. You might also want to think about working through a referral service which will place you at a hospital or medical facility at which you could work with individuals that are recovering from serious health problems. Do keep in mind that you want to charge enough per hour to compensate yourself for traveling expenses and commuting time.

Don’t undervalue the quality or convenience of offering personal Yoga lessons. A excellent way to evaluate what sort of Yoga your students are interested in, and how much they’d be willing to pay would be to hand out surveys at the end of one of your courses. Ask them to give you some feedback on how much they’d feel comfortable paying and which sort of Yoga they’d be interested in studying on a personal, one-on-one basis. As an incentive to complete the questionnaire, you can give out gift certificates to the local coffee shop or juice bar.

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