O que é Acne Genital?

Acne which is most frequently seen on faces may also occur in other areas of the body. Acne can also be located at the trunk, arms, abdomen, thighs as well as the groin area. Genital acne can be seen in both in women and men. It’s usually called genital lumps acne. Genital acne is due for the exact reasons as are other kinds of acne.


Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands which make acne get clogged. This can happen as a result of the excess production of sebum. When the sebum clogs the pores and the hair follicles, grime accumulates and then in addition, it becomes an active breeding ground for germs. When this occurs, the skin becomes inflamed and this is called acne. When you discover that you have genital acne, then pay a visit to a physician. The doctor can tell you if it is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or acne.

Genital acne

It can occur to anybody and tends to occur to those which are more active in athletics. It doesn’t indicate that you’re using bad cleaning habits. Instead, it means your skin is sensitive and is becoming irritated as pores have been obstructed. Often the cause for genital acne is perspiration that’s been due to tight and ill fitting clothing. It may also be due to sports equipment. Cleaning the genital region frequently with water and mild soap can help prevent the issue too.

Sometimes the acne may also be caused due to specific laundry soaps. It is possible to change the laundry detergent and see if it helps solve the genital herpes or not. Acne cream or antibacterial lotion especially for the genital area can help clear away the issue. Even using an antibacterial cleaner helps eliminate the genital acne. It’s important to keep the groin area as clean and dry as possible to prevent any outbreaks of acne.

Those who suffer from genital acne may also have buttocks acne. Butt acne is quite painful and a suitable acne lotion should be used. Since you can not stop yourself from sitting down, take the right type of medicine and ointment. Usually benzoyl peroxide lotions and gels are most successful in treating this acne issue. To get rid of genital acne, buttocks acne and other types of acne, it is important to find the correct medication and keep using it.


Remember that sometimes the remedies may apparently worsen the problem before actually helping resolve the problem. Usually the medication will show results within 1-2 weeks nonetheless, you need to read the contents and instructions of the particular medicine to get a more accurate figure. Never squeeze or burst the pimples and the cysts because it may complicate the matters. Moreover it may result in discoloration of the skin. The germs will also spread against the skin once the pimples are burst. By maintaining these different tips in mind, you’re a lot more likely to help identify and fix genital acne. Although it may be a bit embarrassing, a little additional research in this area can help you tackle this issue and give you more reassurance.


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