O que é Pólen de Abelhas novamente?

The bee colony worker bees are directed by nature to find flowers for food. Numerous researchers have found that bee pollen may be beneficial for health. Each bee visits a hive to collect pollen from the sacs on its hind legs. The colony then receives more than it needs.

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The larvae are provided with a mix of pollen and liquid. This provides them with protein, fats and minerals as well as vitamins, trace elements, hormones, and free amino acids. These ingredients are what humans need to thrive and grow! The male germ cell of every flowering plant is pollen. It can be found in all colors, from a yellowish-gold to a deep brown. It is transformed into granules when bee pollen is mixed with nectar, saliva and/or honey.

This allows for easier transport. The hive contains enzymes that inhibit germination and increase the food value. The bees will collect nectar and pollen on different flights, instead of on the same flight. The basis of honey is nectar. If the pollen is not in sufficient supply, the larvae are also fed on the nectar.

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The results of nutritional analysis may vary for each sample because bees can harvest pollen from different flowers. Mid-range analysis of pollen shows that it contains approximately one-quarter protein and one-quarter carbohydrates. One-tenth of natural sugars and a small amount of fat. There are large amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese and copper. There are also traces of Vitamin K and Vitamin B.

In the labs of French doctors, a natural antibiotic property was observed. Early and modern Greek philosophers as well as the early and modern Olympians have also embraced the energy-enhancing qualities of bee Pollen. Bee pollen is believed to be an effective way to prevent allergies and provide essential nutrients.


Ingesting the allergen in small amounts can help build immunity and relieve allergic reactions. It is possible for pollen to have a different flavor or smell depending on where it comes from. However, it is important to be aware of any potential reactions. Although bee pollen is very nutritious and healing, it must be used with common sense and taken into consideration the individual’s physiology. It is a smart decision to consult a doctor before taking supplements.

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