Verdades sobre a Síndrome da Fadiga Crônica?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complex disorder that’s known for severe fatigue that doesn’t get better with bed rest. Many body systems are affected by this disease, which could be worsened by physical or mental activity. There’s absolutely no known cause and no cure for the victims making it tough to generate a proper diagnosis.


The symptoms include: severe fatigue, weakness, muscle pain, impaired cognitive or memory concentration, insomnia all of which might lead to less than adequate involvement in daily activities. These symptoms can continue for many years if not involved in a treatment plan. The cause is unknown, but professionals consider these to be possible triggers: infections, immune system dysfunctions, dangerously low blood pressure, nutrition deficiency, and anxiety.

Because there isn’t any known cause, there’s absolutely not any way to really define the disease. Doctors have then think of a case definition, which is as follows: severe chronic fatigue for at least six months not because of exertion, fatigue interferes with daily activities, and at least four of those eight symptoms: post-exertion malaise for at least 24 hours, unrefreshing sleep, significant impairment of short term memory, muscle strain, joint pain without swelling, headaches, tender lymph nodes in neck/armpit, and, sore throat.

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There’s absolutely no blood or laboratory tests for this condition and the symptoms are exactly the same for different diseases, making it almost impossible for medical professionals to think of a legitimate diagnosis of CFS. Before determining that a patient has CFS, the other possibilities must first be ruled out. Once a patient has been finally diagnosed with CFS, a group of doctors is the best known method to handle the symptoms. Since the symptoms differ from patient to patient, some experts concur that the management phase ought to be individualized accordingly.

Some of the known problems of living with CFS include: the symptoms change at times and are unpredictable, there’s a decline in endurance that interferes with daily activities, work performance could be affected by memory/ concentration problems, lack of freedom, and relationships might also be affected. At least with this consciousness, all of us may know somebody who’s struggling with these signs and we can get an alertness about us when about that individual.

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Imagine the lack of quality that this individual will be residing on a day to day basis. These individuals need not only medical care, but also compassion from family and friends so they wouldn’t feel so guilty about getting help. Some may feel they’re getting to be a burden to others, which may be why they do not reach out and request support. Lets help those who need it just because it is the ideal thing to do.

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