Qual é a verdade sobre a medicação para depressão?

We’re missing someone we’ve lost, the expected promotion didn’t come through, we’ve exhausted ourselves on the holidays. However when these feelings continue for a long period and commence to interfere that you experienced, you might have a sickness that doctors call major depressive disorder (or depression).


It isn’t something it is possible to “just snap out of.” It’s due to an imbalance of chemicals in the human brain; like diabetes just, cancer, or any serious medical problem, depression needs treatment that you can again be well. How do you know I’m not only having a negative day? Outward indications of depression creep through to their victim sometimes.

They might be triggered by a hard event (like divorce, childbirth, or job loss) that makes it hard to see where in fact the natural sadness ends and a depressive event begins. But as time passes, these symptoms become distinctive. They include feeling “flat or sad, ” unexplained changes in sleeping or eating, feelings of hopelessness, guilty or worthlessness, losing pleasure in things you used to love (whether that’s your task or flying kites with the youngsters), and thoughts of death or suicide sometimes.

O que está acontecendo?

Em meio a uma situação de depressão, pode ser difícil ver-se e identificar claramente os sintomas depressivos. Um cônjuge ou um bom amigo pode mencionar que você não apareceu como você mesmo, ou talvez você tenha apontado que você não está funcionando como se estivesse acostumado. Se este for o caso, seu médico pode ser uma pessoa objetiva para conversar sobre como você se sente e se você está passando por depressão.

Mas eu ouvi dizer que os antidepressivos são perigosos! Enquanto alguns indivíduos podem ter reações incomuns a medicamentos que alteram o humor, os medicamentos modernos para o tratamento da depressão funcionam e são seguros. Wellbutrin, um novo medicamento antidepressivo relativamente, é uma dessas drogas brilhantes. Ela funciona afetando os produtos químicos que mudaram no cérebro humano para causar sentimentos depressivos. Ao contrário de vários outros antidepressivos, é mais propensa a fazer alguém se sentir "alerta" ao invés de "suave".

In addition, it is less inclined to cause sexual weight and side-effects gain than other antidepressants. Among the hardest elements of depression is that you might feel helpless or exhausted and therefore have trouble getting motivated to see a medical expert. When you can, ask a detailed friend or cherished one to greatly help arrange a scheduled appointment. Once you see your physician, she’ll assist you to evaluate your symptoms.

She’ll also check up on whether any medications you are on (like MAO inhibitors or nicotine patches) might connect to Wellbutrin. If you have had a brief history of seizures, she may suggest another drug also. But if Wellbutrin fits together with your health insurance and life, she’ll start you on a prescription, that you can fill at your neighborhood pharmacy or online even! You started taking it once, it might take a while prior to the effect is apparent (remember, it is a gentle antidepressant. Whether it’s not working following a couple of weeks, contact your physician to speak about a dose adjustment. You need to contact your physician in the event that you start experiencing significant unwanted effects also, if they worsen as time passes especially.

Nota final

These include outward indications of anxiety (like sweating, difficulty sleeping, and dry mouth) or significant lack of appetite. As Wellbutrin readjusts the human brain chemicals, you need to commence to feel more interested and active that you experienced. On top of that, you’ll be back again to yourself – with your personal natural highs and lows – the individual that your friends and family know and love!


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