Como curar a acne de forma natural e permanente ?

For a lot of people, the issue of acne is awkward skin issue. Acne is associated with the group of skin issues. It’s a group of , white heads, papules and cysts. These problems come under a standard nomenclature, which is known as acne. There are various causes of acne or .

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  • Sometime pimples may occur as a result of também.
  • Chances of pimples are increased because of imbalance in hormones during puberty and .
  • Sometimes over washing face also stimulate the glands and leads to the creation of pimple.
  • Some drugs like and other drugs also result into pimples.
  • Sometimes in many cases as a result of excessive make-up or because of application of some compound on face can ruin its natural moisture. To compensate the loss, there’s an over-secretion of sebum. Because of this reason there might be the formation of pimples. So it’s wise to utilize hypo-allergic or non-greasy cosmetics.
  • Sometimes as a result of faulty , our liver becomes overloaded with toxins and these toxins frequently escape through skin leading into pimples.


The issues of eczema and acne can be treated by several procedures.

  • If you apply juice onto your pimples then its size will be reduced.
  • Sound is also necessary and effective for the treatment of acne and pimples, and that means you must sleep for 7-8 hours.
  • Squeezing of pimples have to be avoided as it may cause scarring.
  • Intake of lots of is advisable as it flush out toxins and so keeps our system clean.
  • Intake of balanced and is a good . Especially the diet full of , chromium, beta-carotene are powerful and beneficial in healing of pimples or acne. They’re also helpful in assessing the reappearance of pimples.
  • Consumption of is extremely powerful in the permanent treatment of pimples as it is helpful and effective in purifying the . Because of purification of blood, incidence of eczema is reduced. Even rubbing garlic on the pimples is also quite powerful.
  • It is also possible to apply lemon juice onto your acne or pimples. It’s an effective and a superb treatment for curing acne or pimples.
  • Bathing with Epsom salt, at least one per week can eliminate your pimples.
  • Keep your digestion healthy and prevent . Unhealthy digestive system leads to toxin deposition in the body that may bring about acne and other skin issues. If you suffer from constipation, you can take triphala as a natural remedy to cleanse your inner body system.
  • You may take Golden Glow capsules that is the best way to keep healthy skin condition and to prevent and heal pimples and blemishes.


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