Você tem Tumores Cerebral?

Tumor is a term use to describe an abnormal, uncontrolled, circumscribed growth of cells found in human being, animal or plant cells. It’s often bloated and is in a good form. Brain tumors are uncommon. The odds of an adult getting brain tumor are much greater than kids.

Additionally it is true that tumors can lead to illness, like epilepsy. Researches have shown that about 1% of those people, especially kids, who have epilepsy, are brought on by a brain tumor. This is because brain tumors in children involve the cerebellum and brainstem, portions of the brain which don’t contribute to seizures, and not the cerebral hemispheres.

Kind of Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are either primary or secondary. Primary tumors of the brain don’t usually arise in the nerve cells. They will either appear from the meninges, the bronchial membranes of the brain, or in the supporting cells between the nerve cells, which played an essential role in the nourishment. Additionally, there are other kinds of adrenal glands, like those arising from the cells lining the cavities of the brain or by the blood vessels. These are however, the very rare situation that will take place.

Fortunately, primary brain tumors are also not equivalent to getting bronchus, bowel or breast cancer and that brain tumors show no trend in developing blood-borne in different organs. Secondary tumors are different as it’s carried in the blood to the brain from another site. The common one is that the lung cancers (bronchus) or the breast cancer. Normally, the appearance of seizures in a patient is an ominous indication indicating a secondary tumor has arisen within the mind. However, from time to time, the original cancer won’t be discovered during the initial seizure. It’s only when the clinical examination begins to show a little tell-tale lump in the lung, or the breast cancer that’s revealed on the computerized tomography (CT) or the frequent X-ray after the scanning is completed.


To make it worse, there are other features which cause to stop effective treatment like the gliomas infiltrate normal brains broadly, which cause difficulty in eliminating tumor during the procedure for surgical removal. Because of this, it’s quite normal to have recurrence after surgical excision. These kinds of tumor are often treated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy or even operation. Another one is meningiomas, an encapsulated tumor. The benefit about meingiomas is it may be completely removed. However, in any circumstances, because of the fact that majority of the cases involved extensive blood supply which may lead to brain haemorrhage and hence, removal procedure would be hard for the doctors.

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