Quantos tipos de depressão existem?

What Are the Types of Depression? Major depression is a very severe type of depression. Additionally it is known as various other names such as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. Patients who suffer from this kind of depression often found in persisting condition of sadness, less quantity of curiosity about the things they enjoy normally.


Few more signs that indicate significant depression are, Sleeping problems, poor appetite, inability to perform daily duties, memory issues, stress and sexual issues etc.. Any age group may suffer from major depression. It typically lasts for six to eight months. If you don’t undergo the appropriate treatment it may endure for really long time.


It is another kind of depressive disorders. It’s a mild form of depression but lasts for quite a long time. Women are more vulnerable to this sort of depression than men. People who suffer from this kind of depression usually feel gloomy and blues environment around them. They feel like there was no time in their life when they cherished and appreciated things. It might last for two or more years in grown ups and one year in children.

Depressão Bipolar

É uma espécie de depressão que os pacientes geralmente passam por estados de espírito de baixa a alta. Também é chamado de distúrbio maníaco. A causa da depressão bipolar, segundo os cientistas, são os desequilíbrios químicos dentro do cérebro. Ela pode ser tratada se o procedimento de tratamento apropriado for usado para o tratamento.

Atypical depression type is quite commonly noticed in women then men. It’s a really irritating sort of melancholy as it goes off for a short time period and comes back. It affects you normally at adolescent stage. If not treated at the ideal time it may stay with you during your lifetime. Psychotic depression is among the most severe kinds of depression. People who suffer from this form of depression encounter strange things like hearing different sounds that a normal person doesn’t hear (fanciful ). They are not able to distinguish between imagination and reality. It can be treated if the correct method of therapy is used to heal it.

Depressão pós-parto

It occurs in women after giving birth to a child. It generally occurs couple of months after delivery of a child. It’s believed to be a part of major depression. If not treated at the ideal time may last for months and years. Premenstrual disorder is a severe kind of depression that’s usually found in women because of menstruation. It’s the state of deep depression or irritation. It lasts for a week before or after puberty. Seasonal effective illness is a sub type of melancholy and occurs because of the different weathers. It’s depression because of less daylight or humidity within the environment. It lasts for a brief length of time and is a moderate depressive disorder.


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