A Aromaterapia pode combater o estresse?

Over half of working adults are NOW concerned with the amount of in their lives; furthermore, individuals experiencing stress are more likely to report , stress, depression or . We’re reacting to both and work stress by engaging in unhealthy ; comfort , making poor diet choices, become quite inactive, smoking, excessive drinking (alcohol) and (both illegal and prescription ).

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Women appear to suffer from anxiety more frequently than men; with 73 percent of women identify themselves as the most important decision-maker’s in the family and the caregivers for their children, spouse and sometimes parents or parent, each component of attention brings stress. Unfortunately, too often women don’t take the necessary actions to alleviate that anxiety, and their own physical health suffers.

The good thing is; your anxiety can easily become distress or chronic tension when stressors are unrelieved and continuing. Additionally, it takes a physical toll, and may weaken your , cause harm to cells, in addition to increase of headaches such as migraines, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and chronic anxiety, essentially,’control your life’! Studies indicate that the cumulative effects of stress can have severe long-term effects.

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Actually, 70% of disease is caused by stress in both the body and ! The fantastic news is; as its name implies, actually is a therapy which uses odor for healing and a sense of . Aromatherapy, offers you lots of ways to take care of the stresses you might be experiencing. Have you ever noticed how the effects of scents in your mind and emotions can make you feel better about your self and situation? Aromas can improve your mood, reduce stress, give you more , help you and even enable you to fall asleep more easily.

Imagine yourself walking along a country road and you smell the trees, the fragrant trees and blossoms in bloom. The is; that aromas can transport you, take you away from the daily stresses. Aromatherapy — dates back over 5000 years and is among the most readily available forms of healing therapy. Or when you go to a gift shop and you attempt to isolate the fabulous smells that you when you first walk through the door.

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Now, if you are like most people, you may often take fragrances for granted; that is because odor is all around us everyday and every where we go. With various Spa treatments utilizing aromatherapy-based products and accessories you can practically create your own HomeSpa when you feel the need.


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