Você tem Tumores Cerebral?

Tumor is a term use to describe an abnormal, uncontrolled, circumscribed growth of cells found in human being, animal or plant cells. It’s often bloated and is in a good form. Brain tumors are uncommon. The odds of an adult getting brain tumor are much greater than kids. Additionally it […]

Como superar os ciúmes?

Jealousy is described as an emotion which contributes to negative thoughts and feelings over something or someone of significance you’ve lost. This emotion is a mixture of different emotions like discontent, fear, anxiety, bitterness, self-pity, and anger. Overcoming Jealousy If you are now in or been in a relationship, jealousy […]

Quais são os usos comuns para as essências florais de Bach?

For centuries, our ancestors used natural remedies to help people with physical or mental health issues. These formulas were passed from generation to generation for centuries before modern medicine came into being. Modern medicine, while it saves lives and does wonders, may be missing out on the possible benefits associated […]

Você pode seguir sua Sabedoria Interior?

You might have the belief that scientific knowledge is actual knowledge based on truth, but this isn’t what actually happens. Many scientific studies are based on suppositions and theories, besides being based on evaluations with doubtable info. Significance of dreams The scientific community of the historic time analyzes the significance […]

Você pode quebrar os maus hábitos e as compulsões?

Behaviors you do become your habits. If a behavior is reinforced, it has the potential to become compulsive and compulsive habits become dependence. Addictions occur when, despite negative consequences, the behaviour is repeated to get a “perceived” reward. Memories and Habits A reward could be anything that raises ones perception […]

A importância do Napping

We direct increasingly stressful lifestyles packed with duties. We’ve learned to take high levels of anxiety as “normal”. Many people try to take care of mid-afternoon slumps by consuming coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants. But what toll does this finally take on our own bodies? Importance of Sleep Too […]

Podemos tratar a enxaqueca com Cirurgia Plástica?

You probably know someone with migraine – roughly one in ten in America suffers from it, generally in more ways than just one. As actively curious as researchers are in the area of migraine headache treatment, a true cure eludes them. And so, these 30 million Americans who visit a […]

Existem muitos tipos de dores de cabeça?

Mildly unpleasant headache brought on by lack of sleep, strain, or other outside variable are rather frequent; in actuality, about 99 percent of headaches are considered to be completely benign, and require no additional treatment aside from over-the-counter treatments this type of as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, or aspirin. Types […]

A ioga é boa para o câncer?

Most people today consider yoga to be largely a weight loss and maintenance program, but the simple fact is that ancient mind-body health system may work wonders for cancer sufferers. Holistic cancer therapy package This fairly recent trend of including yoga at a holistic cancer therapy package because of its […]