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Existem Dicas para uma vida mais saudável?

Many of us want to make it through each day the best we could and accomplish at least , if not all, of what’s on our extensive to-do lists. It may be a challenge to remember to look after ourselves in the middle of our hectic daily lives. Every now and then we might need only a little reminder to take at least portion of our daily life to improve or maintain our health. So here are 10 pointers that will help you refocus on your health and caring for you.

O que fazer?

  • Get sufficient rest. Get 7-9 hours of sleep. Take short breaks from working during the day to relax your mind, rest your eyes, and breathe to boost your effectiveness. Increase your energy and your body’s ability to recover and heal by integrating essential rest into your daily life. Do what you can to make your perfect environment for rest in your house, and include it in your life whenever possible.
  • Eat a wholesome diet. Choose foods that are going to be excellent fuel for your body to assist you in accomplishing your activities every day and achieving your dreams. Find out the healthiest sources of carbs, fats and proteins that are our principal energy resources, and include them in your daily diet. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take baby steps. If you are craving something crunchy, select celery sticks as opposed to chips. If you would like something sweet pick up a piece of fruit rather than that piece of cake. One step at a time you can transform your diet and your life.
  • Drink loads of water. Every system in our bodies relies on water to perform normal functions. Water also flushes toxins from our bodies. Lack of water may result in dehydration, and even mild dehydration may drain or enhance our energy, which makes one too tired to accomplish their daily objectives, tasks and duties. Ensure that you are hydrating yourself during each day to improve or maintain your health.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day (60 minutes for children). All of us know that physical activity is an important element to staying healthy, but really getting up off the sofa after a stressful day or getting out of bed in the morning with a list of one million jobs that need accomplished appears to hinder many people from really putting what we know into action. Visit the Let’s Move or the American Heart Association sites to receive more information about improving your health through exercise. Then do something every day to move, fortify, and stretch your entire body.
  • Keep your hands clean and cleaned. It’s a simple way to avoid infection. Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent getting sick and spreading illness. Hand washing requires water and soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It can help restrict the transfer of germs, viruses and other germs. Wash your hands with soap and water vigorously for at least 20 minutes. Cleanse your hands by washing them using hand sanitizer before meals or as necessary during your day to do what you can to restrict the spreading of germs and reduce your chance of becoming ill.
  • Learn how to control anxiety, worry, and anxiety. Taking time out every day for meditation, prayer, and to breathe deeply can greatly improve your ability to control the stress in your daily life. Also, find an activity you genuinely like to take your mind from what you might be unable to immediately change. Be sure to are nurturing yourself and appreciating something in life, even if it’s for a brief time period each week. Add something to the start or end of every day that’s just for you!
  • Create a serene environment through your options. Evaluate who and what you let into your life. Who’s adding stress? And that promotes peace? Some sources of stress are inevitable. When potential though make wise decisions about who and what you let into your life, and do anything you can to increase in wisdom concerning how to manage the people and resources of stress you can’t remove or change. It is possible to increase the peace in your life by being a calm individual. Remember, you will attract exactly what you’re placing or radiating out to the world and what is within you.
  • Appreciate and be thankful for what you have. It can allow you to restore or maintain your joy. Gratefulness is the result of counting your blessings and being appreciative of what you have, everything you have the capability to do, and each kind action others do toward you. It’s a quality which will attract others to you due to the favorable outlook on life and demeanor that it makes you own. Attracting good things and good people to you will greatly affect and increase the quality of your life.
  • Empower yourself with the wisdom, knowledge and tools you want to change your life. Read voraciously and commit to being a lifetime learner. Knowledge will provide you power and the essential information to accomplish all your goals and dreams. Wisdom can allow you to sustain lasting joy and peace as you reach your dreams and during your lifetime. Always ask yourself, what did I learn today that will help propel me toward reaching my dreams? And, am I sensibly utilizing the information and life experience I’ve obtained to construct a better, healthier, more peaceful life?
  • Stay motivated. Remember the hardest part about accomplishing anything is getting started. Take a minute right now to begin on one of your life objectives. Simply by putting one foot before another and being diligent about accomplishing one task at a time, you can start to create the life you would like!