Heap of Vibrant Red Fresh Goji Berries For Sale in the Market

Are There Super Foods For Energy Libido?

Imagine having the ability to raise energy levels, improve your libido, feel healthy, protect against disease and feel and look younger with 3 organic foods? These 3 super foods are the perfect mix. There not new, they’ve existed for centuries, but now the world is falling in love with them and you will to.

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From Brazil – A favorite of the beach boys and girls, it’s reputation is now spreading globally with my stars like, David Beckham being a massive fan. It’s viewed as the most effective anti aging food on the market and is far more potent than blueberries. Additionally, it contains double the antioxidant anthocyanins – Know to protect the mind, prevent arteries from obstructing and assist with arthritis.

The Amazonian Indians nicknamed the tree that the berries grow on the”tree of life” and its a very clever name. The berries contain plenty of heart protecting fatty acids and cholesterol lowering phytosterols. The massive number of antioxidants also help protect your skin from the tell tale signs of aging. The berries also contain the rare mix of both high concentrations of Vitamin C and E, which are both necessary for great skin.

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The berries just contain 1 gram of fat and 50 calories a 50 mg serving, so they’re fantastic for anyone on a diet. And to top it all off the Brazilians are convinced it raises libido also! From Brazil again the Acerola includes a gigantic dose of vitamin C inside and about 150 super nutrition. Anaemia, diabetes, cholesterol, liver issues and water retention.

The Goji berry is only be found in many distant areas of Western Asia and their health benefits are acknowledged for centuries by the Chinese. Their being recognized as miracle food in the west and with good reason – They’re among the most nutritious foods on the planet. They may be eaten whole or drunk as juice.

They contain fat for weight 500 times more vitamin C than oranges contain and more betacarotine than carrots – These two vitamins help protect against cancer, fight heart disease and skin aging. These berries also provide 5 times as much Iron as found in beef of equal weight. They’re also full of B Vitamins for nerves and the nutrient beta – sitosterol, which may help lower cholesterol.