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Existem tratamentos naturais para a febre do feno?

Allergies are due to your disease fighting capability attacking a thing that isn’t actually bad for your body, but also for some reason your system thinks it really is. Basically, your disease fighting capability is set up to safeguard you from harmful things such as bacteria, however in the case of allergies your system mistakes something harmless like pollen as a threat to your system.


Allergies could be environmental allergies, where folks have an immune reaction to particles in the new air such as for example tree pollen, pet dander, dust, A different type of allergy could be allergies to food items, such as for example dairy, wheat, or peanuts. Having allergies involves a genetic component often, as having a detailed relative with allergies helps it be more likely that you’ll have problems with allergies aswell.

You can find no known factors behind hay fever. You can find factors which are correlated with allergies however, such as for example fatigue, claritin, Zyrtec, Additionally, there are prescription medications like Flonase that have inhaled steroids used to lessen inflammation. These drugs shall supply the most immediate rest from allergies, however lots of people desire to avoid taking medication longterm for reasons like side cost and effects, and there are a few plain actions you can take help eliminate your allergies in an all natural way.

By far the easiest and yet probably the most effective actions you can take to lessen your allergic reactions would be to drink a lot of water. Water helps maintain the lining of one’s the respiratory system fluid and minimises your sensitivity to airborne allergens. Furthermore, being dehydrated causes your system release a more histamines than normal, so staying hydrated by normal water shall assist in preventing this.

Reação corporal

Se você tiver problemas com alergias, sempre que seu corpo estiver exausto, seu sistema estará mais saudável e muito mais preparado para enfrentar as tensões do seu dia, de modo que sua capacidade de combater doenças relaxa, pois vê menos necessidade de protegê-lo. Se você se esforçar demais, assim como sua energia por causa do excesso de estresse pode ter exatamente o mesmo efeito, a quercitina e a urtiga são duas ervas usadas.

Furthermore, an all natural adaptogen or immune strengthener might help improve your allergic reactions plus your energy. Astragalus, the mind-body connection in allergies can be an interesting someone to consider, and something not discussed when coping with allergies usually. If you imagine your disease fighting capability as the immune system of one’s body, it follows an allergic attack is when those soldiers become overly defensive and begin attacking items that don’t really pose a threat for you.


No caso de estar experimentando alergias, às vezes é realmente benéfico observar se você pode estar se sentindo muito protetor de si mesmo e, portanto, ficando excessivamente defensivo. Proteger-se é realmente uma inclinação natural, na verdade se torna prejudicial e impede que você viva sua vida diária mais plenamente. Caso você perceba que está gastando muita energia tentando evitar que coisas ruins aconteçam, ficando ansioso por não ter a capacidade de controlar certas áreas da vida, este pode ser um elemento que o deixa mais vulnerável a alergias.