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Gout is a form of arthritis that many people have suffered from for centuries. Gout is caused by uric acid deposits, which infiltrate the joints and connective tissue. The deposits of uric acid are composed of fine pointed crystals (needle-like crystals). This causes the pain associated with gout. Gout pain is most often felt in the early morning hours, when the sufferer is asleep.

Gout Relief

Traditional treatment can provide gout relief. To relieve the pain, Indomethacin and NSAIDS are used. The pain is then relieved with anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation. To stop or slow down the formation uric acid, one of two drugs is prescribed, Allopurinol and Colchicine. Unfortunately, both Colchicine and Allopurinol have serious side effects.

One of the most serious side effects is possible loss in kidney function. Gout can be caused by food allergies. It is possible to get relief by avoiding the food that causes the allergy. It is common to have to do a series of allergy tests before determining which food is causing the reaction.

Stress Factor

Gout can often be caused by stress. It is important to manage stress or at least reduce it. Gout relief can often be achieved by removing stress through psychotherapy. Gout is often caused by potassium loss. Increasing the potassium level in some patients can provide quick relief. Potassium levels can be raised by taking potassium supplements or eating potassium-rich foods like baked potatoes, canned spinach, cantaloupes, lima beans and bananas.

Gout relief home remedies include, but are not limited too, alfalfa and apple cider vinegar, ginger and grapes, black cherry juice and black cohosh as well as parsley, buchu, red clover and castor oil. Gout attacks can be caused by alcohol, coffee, carbonated soft drinks, and beer. This will help you get relief. These drinks can be enjoyed in moderate amounts after the attack is over.

Nota final

However, there may be an indication that you will experience gout relief if you stop drinking them altogether. Gout relief and prevention can both be achieved by eating a low-purine diet. This means avoiding red meats, liver, kidneys, and tongue, as well as shell fish, gravy, liver, kidneys, and other high-purine foods. Foods that contain yeast, white flour and sugar, as well as other sweets, are moderately high purines.